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The Failure of Xenoverse 2

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    Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2

    Rating: 0.5 – Unplayable

    The Failure of Xenoverse 2

    I want to preface this with saying I used to enjoy this game. And that I’m usually very forgiving when it comes to a game’s flaws. That being said, here’s the rundown.

    Story: The story isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s not insulting either. A good mix of serious and cornball makes for an entertaining time. To avoid spoilers, I’ll say that anyone familiar with the source material (Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super) will find more of the same here.

    Graphics: Not the prettiest game out there, it does make nice use of cel-shaded images to evoke a more anime feel. That being said, it may look a bit too bright or washed out, so playing with the game’s brightness setting is suggested. Otherwise, while not impressive by any means, the graphics do the job. There are some attacks that are, for some reason, animated incorrectly, but it’s hardly noticeable.

    Audio: Probably the best part of this game. From the voice acting (which is admittedly spotty at times) to the sounds of attacks, everything fits into place. I’ve yet to notice any audio glitches, so that helps quit a bit. Whatever bugs or glitches exist in this game, they don’t appear to touch the sound.

    Controls: This game doesn’t control the best. There will be countless times where you end up attacking in the wrong direction, or an input simply won’t work. When things do work properly, however, they work well enough to play the game. It could have used some polish for sure, but it gets the job done well enough.

    Bugs/Glitches: There really aren’t very many of these. Most of the issues come from mishandling of the controls, not actual faults in the game itself. That said, there are a few that could become very bothersome to players if not fixed promptly.

    Gameplay: And now we reach the major issue with this game. Between the RNG required for item drops, to the random and absurd difficulty spikes, to the ally AI that is absolutely no help, this game has issues. At first, they seem small, the problems easy to ignore considering the experience is worth it. But, as the game goes on, the difficulty becomes more and more absurd, coupled with enemy AI that always knows what you’re about to do and counters constantly, to the point of frustration.

    Overview: This game had amazing potential, and could certainly have been a great game if not for the flaws in gameplay. Poor controls, modest graphics, average sound quality…even a weak story. Those can all be excused if the gameplay makes up for it. And in a game like this where gameplay is the biggest draw, these flaws are entirely inexcusable. Early on, things will be tough but mostly fair. As the game goes on and later missions arise, the game becomes unplayable. Keep in mind, this is just my opinion. Others may have a different view, and that’s fine.

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