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The best Call of Duty gets a very welcome return to action.

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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    The best Call of Duty gets a very welcome return to action.

    In 2007, two games were successful in finally making console online gaming the next big thing in gaming. Those two were Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. These two first person shooters paved the way for the online gaming explosion that took the gaming world by storm. CoD4 became the most beloved modern COD entry with its fun single player and simple but addicting multiplayer. Even years later gamers still played online long after the playerbase left and most lobbies were nothing but hacker central. Like Assassins Creed, the fanbase for CoD started to tire of the yearly installments and many gamers finally walked away from the franchise. I myself got tired of Call of Duty after Black Ops 1 as it was too much to get into a new COD, buy the DLC,and learn the maps every year. While Halo 3 got a remake/remaster a few years ago, The Master Chief Collection had a really poor launch and the franchise still has had trouble recovering since then. It was not until 2016 that Activision announced that Modern Warfare was getting a remaster made by Raven Software ( the studio behind 2009 Wolfenstein and helping with Call of Duty multiplayer and DLC mostly), gamers were excited that Modern Warfare was returning with a fresh coat of paint. Then Activision threw a curveball that nearly ruined the whole thing. After Infinite Warfare became disliked upon its initial trailer, Activision, desperate to revive interest, announced that Modern Warfare would only be available to those who bought the special edition of Infinite Warfare, and that the IW disc was required to play MWR. This was done because Activision thought as soon as gamers got MWR, they would sell or get rid of IW. The move outraged gamers as Activision basically held MWR hostage in return for buying IW. The move ended up backfiring as IW, even with the MWR incentive, failed to live up to Activisions lofty sale expectations. Finally in 2017, Activision gave up and released MWR as a standalone title. So today we will see how good MWR is and if the game still holds up 10 years later.

    The game itself still plays exactly like it did in 2007. The graphics were overhauled and they look amazing. You would not believe that this game came out in 2007 but the reworked graphics make it look like it came out this year. Every stage, character and gun have been redone while remaining adherent to the source material. The sounds have also been reworked to sound more authentic, the gun sounds are different but sound more realistic and even though you cant immediately identify what your opponent is shooting with by its gunsound, after a while you’ll figure it out no problem. The single player besides the new shiny coat of paint plays exactly like it did 10 years ago, so if you are worried that it would changed gameplay wise, you can relax. You’ll be trying to beat the obstacle course record, destroying TVs, and shooting baddies just like you did in 2007.

    Multiplayer plays exactly like did in 2007. You unlock better weapons as you level up, the perks are the same, and the maps though enhanced graphically are the same. All the modes return like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy and others as well as their hardcore counterparts. There are even special maps (like winter themed maps) and game modes like weekend warfare which is a different weekly mode of one type of game like Snipers only for example. Even though your limited in your play style, the weekend matches award double XP, so this is a fun way to level up if the mode is appealing to you that week. The only other thing that Raven Software added were some things from newer CoDs. First their are tags, emblems, and other ways to customize your gamertag like newer COD games did as well as round ending killcams. The second more controversial addition is loot boxes. Wait wait don’t click off yet, hear me out. These loot boxes are used to unlock cosmetic stuff like emblems, tags, reticles for your gun, gun camos, alternate costumes for your multiplayer character(including female skins)etc. There are new guns in the game but they cannot be purchased directly with money. You need to collect certain parts like certain emblems, tags,etc. After getting 6 of these specific items, you’ll unlock a new gun, not the original ones you unlock by leveling up, but brand new guns for the record. Also you can only get the certain parts with in game currency namely scrap points which you’ll get by opening loot boxes (also by getting duplicate items)bought with another form of in game currency(bolt coins I think is what their called) that you get after playing matches. You can only buy loot boxes with real money and the in game currency, you cant directly buy new weapons with real money. Its not really pay to win since their are so many hurdles you need to clear to get certain weapons as you cant again directly buy the weapons with real money, still if you hate the concept of loot boxes, then MWR will probably not win you over. Also, this game has DLC. The map pack DLC is back people. You would think that the entire game would be included but no Activision had to get money from gamers again somehow. You get 5 more maps so if you want them its another 15 bucks. You can ignore them but Activision split the playerbase to those with and those without the map pack DLC. I’m personally not surprised since Activision did this to CoD4 ten years ago, old habits die hard I guess.

    Conclusion: Despite Activisions greed getting the better of them again, this a wonderful return to the world of Modern Warfare. If you played the game to death years ago rest assured the game you loved is back again with a surging playerbase to lose entire weekends of your life with. The only real knock is needing to buy the map pack DLC again (it should have been included) and the so-so loot box system. Its only around 25-30 dollars these days so if you loved COD4 and always wanted to play it again, you wish has been granted.

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