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Testing your Skills but not your Patience

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    Super Meat Boy

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Testing your Skills but not your Patience

    This is surely one of my favorite platform games of all time. The mechanics are very momentum-heavy, but they are solid and perfect for the tasks at hand.

    Make no mistake: Super Meat Boy will not hold your hand. It will chew you up, spit you out, and you’ll probably love it like I do! The reason that this game’s incredible challenge works is due to the short levels. You might play a stage twenty times or more, but since it takes less than a minute to complete most of the hundreds of levels in this game, you never really lose any significant progress or time in trying again. Plus, once you do successfully complete the stage, you can enjoy watching all of your attempts join together at once for a hilarious and informative platforming party of death and idiocy, cheering on that one lucky hunk of flesh that actually made it to the end.

    Super Meat Boy also parodies great games of the past like nobody’s business, and I loved seeing hints of Street Fighter, Castlevania, Mega Man, and Ninja Gaiden (among others I probably missed) amidst the cutscenes that come between worlds. Oh, and just in case you thought that the clips were all copies, fear not! In fact, the original, gut-busting humor that pervades the movie clips is just as much a reason to play the game as are the challenging and enjoyable stages.

    If you try to 100% the game, you’re in for some SERIOUS tests of skill, but the game allows you several unlockable characters that make completing some of the harder stages a LITTLE easier.

    I would give the game a perfect score, except that a handful of levels truly frustrated me due to randomly spawning enemies that homed in on me and generally led me to a sense of relief when I finished them rather than a sense of accomplishment. Nevertheless, they amounted to about a half hour of my life, and trust me, I have wasted more time than that simply re-doing a single long level in some older games I’ve played, so what am I complaining about? Practically nothing, that’s what!

    If you haven’t played Super Meat Boy, play it! Odds are, you’ll thank me when you do. Super Meat Boy is a rare gem, and a love letter to the great games like Super Mario Bros. and other classic platformers. Furthermore, it stands up there as one of the best of them.

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