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    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Supremacy

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

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    The third DLC expansion for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now available for all platforms, though it hit first on Xbox One and Xbox 360. This latest expansion is called Supremacy, and it features four new multiplayer maps as well as new Zombies map, which includes a new playable character. Is the content worth the asking price?

    First of all, let’s go over the four new maps. This time, all four maps have a theme of being set near major landmarks. All four of the maps are fairly small, which is my favorite kind of Call of Duty map, and none of them lean on gimmicks as a crutch, which is something I think some of the previous DLC maps have suffered from.

    The four maps are Compound, Kremlin, Parliament, and Skyrise. Skyrise may sound somewhat familiar to veterans of the series, and it should, as it is actually a remake of the Highrise map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Instead of butchering the map like a lot of map remakes do in the franchise, Skyrise is almost exactly the same as Highrise, except with a more futuristic helicopter on the helipad.

    The multiplayer maps are fine, with Skyrise being the highlight. Of course, the meat of the Supremacy DLC is the new Exo Zombies content, and Sledgehammer really went the distance with Exo Zombies this time around, adding plenty of new features for fans to get excited about.

    Exo Zombies this time around takes place on a military ship called Carrier. It features a new playable character in the form of B-movie icon Bruce Campbell, and is one of the larger Exo Zombies maps to date. It’s probably the overall most well-designed Exo Zombies map as well, offering plenty of interesting areas to explore and requires a lot more skill than the previous maps without being challenging. The best part? It’s not a broken mess like the previous map was at launch.

    The Carrier map adds a slew of new weapons to the Exo Zombies experience, including sweet teleportation grenades. It also adds new threats. Instead of saving survivors, players now have to defuse bombs and deal with human enemies armed with guns, which I believe is a first for Zombies in Call of Duty.

    The only complaint I have for Carrier is that the easter egg is more in line with the overly obscure and frustrating easter eggs from the Black Ops games. Previously, Sledgehammer had a pretty good balance between mystery and challenge, but with Carrier, they kind of dip into frustration. Easter eggs need to be doable without a headache, and the easter egg in Carrier simply is not, and is purposefully designed to be as annoying as possible.

    Overall, if you’re no longer interested in Advanced Warfare, Supremacy is probably not going to suck you back in. However, if you’re still enjoying the game’s fast-paced multiplayer and even faster Exo Zombies experience, then Supremacy is a great way to extend the game’s life even further.

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