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Super Smash Bros Deluxe

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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Super Smash Bros Deluxe

    Super Smash Bros is one of my favorite multiplayer game that I have ever played. Back when the original Smash Bros game came out I remember all the times I would play with friends and we would play for hours upon hours. And when I was young it was hard for me to interact with people but, one thing that helped was Smash Bros. This was not only a game that I would play with friends but, this game would help me talk to people because our love for Smash is what got us to have a blast. Safe to say that Super Smash Bros is a series that holds a special place in my heart. I have played every single Smash Bros game and now with Super Smash Bros Ultimate I can honestly say that this might be my favorite game in the series yet.

    When this game was announced back in March and we got the Inklings as the first confirmed newcomers for Smash I was excited to see who else will join the battle and at the same time I was worried about characters being left out this time around. The next time we heard about Smash Bros was at E3 when it was announced ¡°EVERYONE IS HERE¡± and when me and everyone who loves Smash Bros saw characters like Pichu, Snake, Ice Climbers, and the list goes on of returning characters from past games. And like that we got the Title of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. And leading towards the release of the game we got newcomers like Ridley, Simon Belmont, King K. Rool, and Incineroar announced alongside echo fighter like Daisy, Dark Samus, Chrom, and Richter Belmont who are basically similar to certain characters was some differences added. The roster is filled with 70+ fighters with characters like Piranha Plant and Joker from Persona 5 announced as DLC this really is the biggest crossover game period.

    Now when it comes to Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay wise this is pretty much the same as the other games in the series with some added features. The stage number is 100 and if you include the Battlefield and Final Destination forms, this game as 300+ stage variety with more stages to come because of the DLC we will be getting. As for new features in this game you can now fight in two stages via the stage morph option which after setting a time, the stage will change depending what selected beforehand. Other game features are Squad Strike which are 3 vs 3 or 5 vs 5 stock matches that has you and your opponent picking characters and it’s basically an elimination match with the set amount of characters you decided to fight with. This is a nice alternative to a regular 5 stock match because instead of using 1 fighter take up all 5 stocks now you have 5 different characters taking each stock. The other mode added is Smashdown which is basically a mode great for a group of 4 players and the way it works is that you will pick your fighters and after each match the player you selected will not be playable afterwards. This feature is great if you want to change things up and this helps you try out more fighters than the usual ones you only go after.

    As for people who just want to play solo there are some things you can do like play the Classic mode and the adventure mode World of Light. This is the best version of Classic mode because of the creative fights that occur for each fighter this time around. An example is if you play classic mode with Link you fighter characters that have darkness so you will fight characters like Dark Pit, Dark Link, Ridley and this leads to a final fight with Ganondorf and you face him in his Ganon form from Ocarina of Time. There are other creative fights for the other characters alongside some different boss fights so you won’t just have to fight Master Hand and Crazy Hand. And now getting into World of Light, this was the feature that I was really interested to see how it would be handled. When this feature was announced I was excited because of the cutscene we saw of all the characters being consumed by light with the exception of Kirby because he’s the best and Sakurai is bias. You are basically playing in a board and you collect spirits of characters from many different game series and you fight the spirits and they play as characters from the roster that are similar to them. An example is you may fight a spirit of Waluigi and you would fight Wario and in the fight you would fight Wario and the CPU would have a Waluigi assist trophy help it during the fight. The amount of creativity in World of Light is great and it’s not just with the spirit fights but, with the board you play in. There are a lot of great moments in World of Light that are delightful to go through. There is even a moment in World of Light that was just amazing to experience for myself and I was really glad that it was not spoiled because it just one of those moments in gaming that is great to experience for yourself. And even if you know what that moment is I still believe you will be left satisfied seeing it first hand.

    Now as for issues I have with the game comes from World of Light and the online feature. Spirits were basically the replacement for Trophies from the previous games. I bring this up because trophies would give a description of who the character is and which game series they are from. And in World of Light while there were a lot of references that I understood and I appreciated the creatively for a lot of the spirits, the reality is there were still a lot of spirits that I didn’t understand their reference and that’s when some of my enjoyment fell through for some of the fights. This could have been fixed with some type of description about the spirit similar to trophies but, again while it was disappointing not knowing what some spirits were referencing it was a small issue in an otherwise great single player experience. As for the online this is where I will be less forgiving towards because now Nintendo players have to pay for online. Personally my experience online as been 75% great and 25% of it felt bad because of lag that would occur during some matches. While so far online has been good for me I have seen and heard from other people that the online for them is hit or miss most of the time. Online so for may be good for me but, I think this game makes fighting your friends online more difficult than it needs to be. If you want to play with your friends you have to make an arena and then send you friend the code to enter your room. And I know there is a feature for your friends to join your arena easily there were a lot of times when I knew my friends had an arena made and I tried to join their room via the friends arena section but, it would show they don’t have an arena available. I think the online so far is serviceable but, it can definitely be better.

    There really isn’t that much more I can say about Super Smash Bros Ultimate that I haven’t said. The only other thing I can say is that the music is great with music added from Castlevania and Mega Man and some nice remixes in there for Metroid, Zelda, and other series. This game really is the Ultimate version of Smash Bros with the roster they have, the number of stages, and the amount of music you hear from many series it great to see how big this series as become especially when looking at the crossover aspect of it. In this game you can have an 8 Player Smash fight with Mario, Sonic, Pac Man, Mega Man, Snake, Cloud, Simon, and Ryu. Smash Bros Ultimate is a great multiplayer game and it’s filled with great single player content. I don’t know what is next for the series but, honestly with the amount of content in this game and the DLC that coming for this game I would be ok with this being the final game in the series or if we don’t see the next game for a long while.

    Rating:   4.5 – Outstanding

    Product Release: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (US, 12/07/18)

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