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Super. Hot.

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Super. Hot.

    Superhot is a game that has always been on my radar. Sporting a unique art style and an interesting gameplay gimmick, I always thought that it had potential and I have been excited to play it. Well, it was finally added to the free Games with Gold, and so I had the chance to play through Superhot. I can confirm that it lived up to my expectations and then some.

    Superhot is a unique twist on the first-person shooter genre in that it is actually more of a puzzle game than anything else. In Superhot, the gimmick is that time is almost at a standstill while the player isn’t moving, but it speeds up as the player moves. This means that players can take things slow and carefully make through way through each level, or those that are more skilled can speed things up and frantically pull off some incredible, action-packed stunts.

    Superhot doesn’t evolve much beyond its basic concept, which does hurt it a bit in the long run, but its core gameplay is so intriguing and addicting that it can still get by. It really offers that "Just one more level" feeling, as players will want to conquer each area and make their way to the end. Unfortunately, the end come a little too quick.

    My biggest gripe with Superhot is that it is just too short. It can be completed in one sitting, and after that, there’s not a lot of engaging content to keep players playing. There is an endless mode and a challenge mode, but they just reiterate the core game. And while the core gameplay is a great mix of puzzle-solving and shooting, it would be nice to see it move beyond that basic concept to become something more.

    Superhot may be short, but its story benefits from its length, at least. Superhot’s story is something I can’t even really talk about at all without spoiling it for people, but it’s the kind of story that does not need to be stretched out. It is just about the right length, and it uses some clever conventions to make it one of those rare stories that would absolutely only work as a video game. I will say that it has a sort of Matrix-y vibe, which is neat, and the atmosphere in general is pretty superb.

    The atmosphere in Superhot is made up of its unique setting and story, as well as its original art style. All the enemies in the game are red polygonal shapes, and the environments are mostly all grey. It’s easy to tell what objects in the environment can be interacted with. The music and audio is also rather remarkable, and definitely one of the most polished aspects of the entire Superhot experience.

    Superhot is a little on the short side and doesn’t evolve much beyond its core concept, but it has an intriguing plot, solid core gameplay, and is definitely fun while it lasts.

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