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Strider NES meets Genesis

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    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Strider NES meets Genesis

    Ever since I’ve bought a PS4 last year, I’ve been having a hard time seeing which games were worth playing. I’ve been buying things on a whim instead of looking into the development of the game, who developed the game, etc. So I bought Strider PSN for a bargain thinking it was Capcom’s original team that did the game but it turns out to be a different company. Not to say that this Strider has no redeeming qualities, no. It features Hiryu with new moves and new abilities to gain while free roaming. I just prefer to follow games that were created with the original team’s intent like River City Ransom instead of River City Ransom Underground which was developed by the team that did the Guilty Gear series. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stand on its own merits, and I’m sure the online aspect makes it a lot more enjoyable.

    Strider is back in a fictional Communist state which is anything but a utopia and more familiar with the authoritarian style dictatorship with rules and regulations. The Metroid like exploration is back from the NES game. It’s like they took elements from the NES game and used Strider 1 for the Genesis/Arcade/PSX as its base moveset. And with that pick of his to climb around ceilings and platforms, you’d think it’s apt for exploring. Not only is it used for exploring but for timing your jumps across obstacles and boss fights. Strider starts off with multiple moves, taking a page out of Super Castlevania IV with the 8 directional attack except this time with Strider’s signature cipher sword. He also has a launch attack that does more damage and launches some grunts in the air. He also sometimes can jump along with his signature climbing pick making him move at a smooth and quick pace in combat. Along with the basic move set, you gain abilities and different plasma sword attacks as you defeat bosses which help aid in exploring the levels further, but you don’t get any armor which would’ve been cool to have in the game. Instead you’re finding health/energy max upgrades which makes you wonder why waste time getting these abilities to just get health/energy upgrades. I would probably prefer a full health and energy bar and full combat.

    The team that did this game, Double Helix, also did Bionic Commando Rearmed, which in my opinion is a fun game, but doesn’t beat what the original has to offer. The original team that did Strider 1 isn’t around anymore with Capcom, but if you want to check out their latest project that’s like Strider 1 than check out a game called Moon Diver. It’s 4 players, you gain experience, and it plays like a roided version of Run Saber and is more faster paced. The more players the better taking a page a la Power Stone.

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