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Step into the shoes of someone who… really doesn’t care all that much!

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    Demetrios – The BIG Cynical Adventure

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Step into the shoes of someone who… really doesn’t care all that much!

    I’ve played a lot of point-and-click adventure games in my life, but I’ve never quite played one like "Demetrios: the BIG Cynical Adventure". It’s definitely got a distinct personality, but chances are good you’ve never heard of this title before, so after playing through it let’s go through exactly what you can expect out of this cynical adventure.

    In Demetrios you take on the role of antique dealer Bjorn Thonen, who comes home from drinking one night and gets robbed. After getting absolutely no help from the police, Bjorn is forced to solve who is after him on his own, which results in him being wrapped up in a much bigger mystery than he initially thought.

    The world of Demetrios is what makes this game rather unique. Bjorn is… well, he’s a slob. It seems everyone in this world is though (thus why the police are worthless), and that’s really part of the game’s personality. Even before you start the game, you’re asked if you want the "full toilet humor experience", and that alone should tell you what you’re in for here. It’s PG-13 rated at worse though.

    The "Cynical" part of the game is what will likely keep most people’s attention. Bjorn is rather sarcastic and cynical in general (for good reason), which often leads to many of the game’s best moments. Other than that though, this game’s story is typical adventure-game (point and click) fare. You get swept up in a bigger mystery and on the way have to do a whole bunch of favors for people to get what you want or need (Bjorn is very self-aware of this). One thing that I enjoyed in particular in this game was the many "Game Over" screens you could get. Do something stupid (such as use your lighter on some barrels of gasoline)? Here’s a game over! There’s got to be 40-50 game-overs spread throughout the game, but despite the bad connotation that comes with a "game over", these events are pretty funny, self-aware and (most importantly) get you back into the game extremely fast. I wish every game did that, actually. Still, while the story here can be humorous at times with the setting and tone, this isn’t topping any lists or winning any rewards for its fantastic story any time soon.

    I mentioned this above, but this game is a pure point-and-click adventure. This means that you’ll gather a lot of items from your environments in order to progress the story and reach new environments. Pretty standard stuff, really. The game has a number of red herrings though (many adventure games have these), but to make up for it you can also find cookies scattered around the world that will give Bjorn hints on what to do next. Very handy. I also liked the ability to "zoom in" on the background art in the game as well (which sure helped in finding those hidden cookies). The game also has a number of very simple mini-games you are forced to play through as well, such as horse-racing, a gallery-shooter and a very simple pinball machine. All in all, very standard point-and-click game play here.

    The graphics in the game are also rather unique, due to them all being hand-drawn (by what appears to be the same person throughout the entire game… although I’m just guessing on that but the art style is definitely consistent). While the graphics are solid for sure, with decent environment variety, they are still rather amateurish, and it can be hard to see certain details at time. That last criticism was addressed however by being able to zoom in (as I mentioned earlier) as well as the game having a button you can press to see all the items on the screen.

    The music in the game is a mixed bag. It’s solid overall, but you can tell it was made fairly cheaply as it loops often and early in almost every place you visit. A bit of it sounds out of place as well (for example, Paris is supposed to sound "jazzy" but comes off as a kids Halloween theme… I suppose I am playing this in October, but still…). It should be noted that there’s no voice acting in this title either (although at its price point, I surely wasn’t suspecting either… plus I feel like I wouldn’t really want to hear Bjorn speak, honestly).

    Demetrios isn’t a particularly long game. It is divided into six fairly short chapters, and if you wanted to, an experienced adventure gamer could likely churn through this title in a single day. The price of the title reflects that though. In addition, I should point out that this game is a cross-buy as well (so buying this on your PS4 gives you the Vita copy as well, which is nice of them). You can extend your play time somewhat if you care about trophies, as the trophy list here requires you to find all of the game’s game-over scenes as well as collect all of the cookies throughout the game. I will say that this game is prime trophy-hunter material though, as it is not only cross-buy but features two trophy lists as well.

    Overall: 6/10

    Overall, Demetrios: The BIG Cynical Adventure is a solid point-and-click adventure game. The humor, plot and graphics may not be for everyone though, but if that doesn’t turn you off this is a solid game that you should be interested in if you enjoy the genre (the price point is fair as well, which helps). With the cross play and two trophy lists, this game should be high on any trophy hunter’s list as well. Hopefully you’ve found this review helpful! Have fun and keep playing!

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