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Standby for Titanfall

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    Titanfall 2

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Standby for Titanfall

    The original Titanfall felt like a truly original first-person shooter experience when it released a couple of years ago. Amidst the endless Call of Duty clones and a stagnate Battlefield franchise, Titanfall was offering something fun and new, with incredible movement speed and huge titans to make multiplayer matches more interesting. Titanfall has now been copied to death by its competition, and its movement system don’t necessarily feel new and exciting anymore. Considering this, one may think Titanfall 2 comes across as a bit "been there, done that" – that person would be wrong.

    Gameplay – Campaign

    Respawn Entertainment insisted that single player wouldn’t work well with Titanfall’s gameplay, but it proved itself wrong with the stunning campaign featured in Titanfall 2. Titanfall 2 does justice to both the pilot and titan gameplay, allowing players to mix and match all sorts of different playstyles whereas they are usually stuck with one or the other in multiplayer matches.

    So even though the campaign is a linear narrative, players actually have more freedom in it than the multiplayer in some ways. The levels are also fairly open at times, filled with collectibles and hidden weapon caches for explorers to seek out.

    The combat itself is just like the multiplayer, except with a wider variety of enemy types to contend with to make things interesting. Boss fights mostly come in the form of IMC mercenaries in their own Titans, and each boss fight requires its own unique strategy.

    Platforming is also a major focus of the game, with Titanfall 2 pulling off platforming probably better than any other FPS I’ve played. Truth be told, platforming is something that first-person shooters have struggled with, but the fast-paced, wall-running mechanics of Titanfall 2 just make platforming work a lot better than it does in other games. Players can utilize their special abilities like the double jump to compensate for any wonky jumps.

    The campaign is constantly throwing new gameplay features and mechanics at players, so each level has something new to offer. I won’t spoil some of the cooler new gadgets players access in the campaign, but I will say some of the weapons actually result in thrilling platforming puzzles amidst incredible firefights. All of the new additions Respawn has made to the Titanfall 2 arsenal is for the better, believe me on that.

    Gameplay – Multiplayer

    Where Titanfall 2 does feel a little bit like a retread is with its multiplayer. Those that played the original game’s multiplayer will find it instantly recognizable, as it plays almost identically to the first game. There’s a lot more content to go through, though, with more Titan loadouts, wepaons, and customization options than there ever was in the first game.

    The maps are lacking in imagination, but the action loop is still engaging and fun enough that it doesn’t really matter. Fan favorite modes like Attrition make a comeback, and there are plans to support the game for months with free DLC updates that will add new maps and other game modes. The game’s slow sales may equate to a less active multiplayer community than some players are used to, but right now it’s easy to get into a game and get in on the action without having to wait too long.


    Titanfall 2 tells the story of pilot Jack and titan BT. The story is relatively linear, but players are able to choose some of the dialogue Jack speaks to BT, which goes a long way in getting players more invested in the story developments. Furthermore, these dialogue choices also help forge the friendship between Jack and BT.

    The relationship between Jack and BT is a focal point of Titanfall 2’s story. The story itself is fun and full of twists, but Jack and BT’s bond is really what will keep fans engaged and interested in seeing what happens next.

    Respawn has always had a knack for crafting strong stories. Call of Duty 4 was full of jaw-dropping moments and memorable characters, as was Modern Warfare 2. However, I am confident in saying that Titanfall 2 is the best storyline Respawn has crafted to date.

    Graphics and Sound

    Titanfall 2’s colors consist mostly of browns and grays, which results in a relatively boring color scheme. However, the game itself is pretty good looking in a general sense, with really slick animation, minimal frame rate issues, and well-designed levels.

    The sound is also well done, with superb voice acting that is also a great help in making the relationship between Jack and BT interesting. The music is great, and the guns all sound awesome. This is what is expected from Respawn Entertainment at this point, and it’s awesome that they don’t disappoint.

    Play Time/Replayability

    Titanfall 2’s campaign is short and sweet, just long enough to tell an engaging story and not overstaying its welcome. Most of the game’s replayability factor is built around the campaign, challenging players to complete unique challenges, find collectibles, and beat it on higher difficulties. Since Titanfall has previously been all about multiplayer, it’s a bit strange that there are only a few achievements tied to the multiplayer mode.

    At any rate, the multiplayer will provide many more hours of entertainment once players have had their fill of the campaign. And the campaign is so polished, by the way, that I can see most people actually wanting to go back through and complete as much of it as possible.

    With a more rewarding progression system, a campaign, and even more to unlock in multiplayer, Titanfall 2 is fully-featured that players can easily get dozens of hours out of.

    Final Recommendation

    For FPS fans or fans of the original game, Titanfall 2 is a must-have. The game is an incredibly polished experience from start to finish, with thrilling multiplayer, a great campaign, and endless entertainment. While some of its thunder has been stolen by copycat games in the time since the first game launched, Titanfall 2 is still much better than its competition and more than worth the price of admission.

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