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Spider-Man or should I say Spider-Cop dazzles!

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Spider-Man or should I say Spider-Cop dazzles!

    Being a huge Marvel and video game fan, it has always been somewhat of a disappointment of not having more epic Marvel games around. I was excited when Insomniac Games was taking the helm of a new Spider Man title on the Playstation 4. The last game of theirs that I played was Sunset Overdrive and I loved that game. Marvel’s Spider Man for the PS4 is an exciting, fun filled adventure with a lot of heart. It features a solid story based that does justice to a beloved character, fantastic replica of a fictitious New York City with lots to do, and a fun combat system. Spider Man is the Marvel experience that you have been craving for.

    Spider Man features a solid storyline, with some emotional moments. It captures the feel of the character. The game opens with Spider Man being a fairly matured hero, rather than someone who is first discovering his powers after being bitten by a radioactive spider. At the start of the game, Spider Man zips into action to take down the powerful Kingpin. By doing so, this opens the door to other bad guys and their ability to start taking over the city. There are certainly some nice twists and turns in the story, coupled with very strong characters.

    To put it simply, Spider Man’s game play is extremely fun. The web slinging, which I thought might be a bit problematic, is quite good. For the most part, it feels like you are actually Spider Man. At the beginning it does take a bit to get used to the controls, coupled with some moments where it becomes a bit difficult to control in tight spaces. All in all, however, the web slinging mechanics makes you feel like you are the masked hero yourself. Additionally, it looks quite cool as you are doing it, such as zipping through a water tower, which showcases the level of detail and thought that went into this game.

    There are different aspects to the swinging that help enrich the experience. The mechanics of swinging in a large city like New York, opens the opportunity for a lot of cool moments. For instance, using your web to pull Spider Man to a ledge of a building, then doing a quick and powerful spring back into open air. The momentum of web slinging also feels just right, as you can let go later to propel Spider Man to a higher arc as he releases.

    The combat system for the most part is solid and quite fun. While it is not the in the upper echelon of combat systems that I have played, the ability to use web attacks to mix into the combat is quite satisfying. As you play through the game, Spider Man will learn new moves and acquire new web attacks. Spider Man also has the ability to launch enemies into the air and proceed to do air attacks. The game will also throw a plethora of enemies at you, so Spider Man can utilize dodges to evade attacks. Timing it perfectly, will have Spider Man shoot web into an enemy’s eyes.

    There was surprisingly variety to the combat. For example, you can do web swing attacks or have Spidey hang against a wall and propel off of it for an attack. The web attacks are also quite varied, ranging from simple web attacks to electric webs. You also have other weapons at your disposal like spider drones where it shoots electrical attacks at enemies. All in all, the combat is fun and varied. The only complaint I would have is the enemies that you face are essentially carbon copies of each other. Majority of the game is spent against normal enemies or big brutes. They will have melee weapons, guns or rocket launchers. Outside of that, there was not much enemy variety.

    Another aspect of Spider Man that I enjoyed was the stealth mechanics. Spider Man can sit on top of ledges or light posts and wait for enemies beneath you to web them up. Spider Man can also sneak up behind enemies to do a stealth attack. Spider Man can use his spider sense to tell you if it is safe to sneak attack an enemy or if someone else is in the vicinity and catch you in the act. With Spidey’s abilities, he can also zip from one location to another as you perform these steal attacks. Generally speaking, stealth action is fun and help add to the variation of the game. Its these additional game play mechanics that add variety to this game and help enhance the experience. It is all these different mechanics and details to the game that show the overall care that went into this game.

    Boss battles in the game are quite solid. While most boss battles, are a combination of dodging at the right time and then following up with some attack, I liked the overall design of the boss battles. It is especially cool to be able to bring comic book fights to a game, such as battling it out with Tombstone, Kingpin, Rhino or Scorpion. These boss battles were a joy.

    The game also features quite a bit of side quests and side missions that you can play. For example, there are research stations where you can help Harry Osborn out. You also have missions where you need to swing around the city to capture pigeons. Then there are missions where Spidey swings into a heavily fortified area to face waves of enemies. There is simply not a lack of things to do in this game. I found the length of the game to be good, after accounting for all the side missions.

    Spider Man for the most part looks good. The city is beautiful, especially when you are sitting on top of a tall building and looking down on the city view. The character models look good to help reinforce the likeable characters in this game. The animation during combat or web slinging looks quite cool. While the game is not the best looking game around, the overall graphics look good and serve its purpose.

    Voice acting was phenomenal in this game. Peter Parker’s voice actor did a fantastic job portraying the character and made me feel like it was Spider Man. He nailed the quips and one liners, as well as being able to deliver during cut scenes. Other characters like Mary Jane, Miles, Dr. Octavius and so forth were all excellent. The musical soundtrack was also solid and played well over the course of the game to enhance the experience.

    Spider Man for the Playstation 4 is a great game. There are some minor issues here and there, like overuse of the same enemy types or slightly clunky movements occasionally, but the overall experience was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed the game thoroughly. This is a strong first step in building great Marvel titles. Spider Man the game feels like you are actually playing Spidey, coupled with a solid story and great variety. Spider Man embodies so much that I wanted in a Spider Man game. This game is definitely worth buying, even at its current sixty dollar price tag. Simply put, Spider Man or should I say Spider Cop dazzles!

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