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Somehow less than a tech demo

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    Rating: 0.5 – Unplayable

    Somehow less than a tech demo

    While I am sure it will be forgotten quickly, 1-2 Switch is actually one of the most prominently marketed games in the Switch’s launch lineup, alongside Zelda. Unfortunately, 1-2 Switch can barely be considered a video game. In fact, it barely even functions as a tech demo for the system.

    The concept of 1-2 Switch is that it’s a series of mini-games with some vaguely Mario Party-esque twists thrown in, except almost none of the mini-games are fun and all of them are unbelievably shallow. People keep saying 1-2 Switch should have been a pack-in game for the system like Wii Sports, but rest assured, Wii Sports is a thousand times superior to this game. 1-2 Switch makes Wii Sports look as deep as something like Skyrim.

    The vast majority of the mini-games in 1-2 Switch will be played once, immediately forgotten, and then never accessed again. However, there are a handful of games that are actually worth a good laugh. Sword Fight is fun and Wizard lets people live out their Harry Potter fantasy. Dance Off and Runway are good for a workout and probably the two mini-games that will be the most popular.

    Two mini-games that Nintendo has been pushing pretty heavily are actually two of the weakest mini-games in the lineup. Quick Draw is fun for exactly one time, and Milk just makes you feel dumb. It quickly becomes obvious that none of these mini-games are going to offer anything of substance, and it’s unlikely that anyone will want to return to this game after trying everything out once.

    So, if we say that each mini-game takes one minute to play, and there are 28 mini-games, then that’s less than half an hour of gameplay. Guess how much Nintendo is selling this game for? $60. For $60, you get less than 30 minutes of value.

    Ultimately, I think the biggest problem with 1-2 Switch is its main gimmick, which is to look at your opponent instead of at the TV or the Switch. There’s goofy, weird, sometimes borderline sexual, live action cut-scenes on the screen when playing that are actually pretty funny, but the game wants players to constantly be looking at each other most of the time.

    This becomes problematic in a number of mini-games. For example, there is a Table Tennis mini-game that could have been just like Table Tennis from Wii Sports Resort or something to give the game some replayability. Unfortunately, players have to rely on the vibration in the Joy-Con controllers to get a "feel" of when to swing the paddle. This is unreliable and about a thousand times less fun than just seeing it represented on the TV.

    1-2 Switch is a weird game that is worth looking at for the morbidly curious, but otherwise it is a complete and utter waste of time. At $60, it is also insultingly priced, and actually hurts the reputation of the Nintendo Switch, in my opinion.

    Rating:   0.5 – Unplayable

    Product Release: 1-2-Switch (US, 03/03/17)

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