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Skip for the Sequel, Stay for X-Wing Virtual Reality Mission!

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    Star Wars Battlefront: Ultimate Edition

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Skip for the Sequel, Stay for X-Wing Virtual Reality Mission!

    Concept: Join the rebellion or the empire in a variety of multiplayer first person shooting competitive modes including ground, aerial, and space warfare. Take control of mythical heroes to lead your team to victory! Also includes a truly remarkable single player X-Wing VR Mission telling a small story during the events of Rogue One.

    Graphics: Astounding graphics when you take a pause to admire during the frenetic pace of battles. The battlegrounds are as true as possible to the locations witnessed in the Star Wars films. The X-Wing VR Mission is one of the best examples of the potential of VR as the immersion into the Star Wars universe is both beautiful and unparalleled to any other Star Wars game.

    Sound: John Williams’ musical score from the films, authentic movie sound effects, and decent voice acting makes for a very satisfying experience.

    Control: General gunplay and piloting is as expected for the first person shooter genre of games. Unfortunately with the Playstation 4 controller during intense firefights the right control stick could become depressed causing the character to switch weapons instead of aiming to a new direction. When tripping an AT-AT with a snow speeder the non-intuitive mini game is distracting, breaking the immersive experience. Previous single player Star Wars games such as Rogue Squadron and Shadows of the Empire demanded actual piloting maneuvers to successfully trip an AT-AT. Expect frustration to experiment with hero characters to learn their abilities, and how to use them effectively as training for each hero character is not provided.

    Game Time: Unlimited.

    Battlefronts multiple game modes provide plenty of variety and fun. Standout modes such as Walker Assault, Heroes vs Villains, Battle Station, and Infiltration capture the spirit of Star Wars. In Walker Assault the rebellion desperately tries to destroy approaching AT-ATs while the empire protects the behemoths. Battle Station and Infiltration modes include multiple stages across outer space and ground combat to simulate the destruction of the Death Star and stealing of the Death Star plans respectively. In Heroes vs Villains teams of heroes and soldiers do battle until the opposing team of hero characters are all defeated.

    All these modes provide hours of entertainment, but eventually the action will get stagnant. Experiencing Battlefront while the DLC packages where being released relieved the game play stagnation, and forced the player community to constantly innovate new strategies. However, now that DLC support for Battlefront has ended as the sequel approaches the game play has no innovation and a shrinking player community.

    The Battlefront Companion app for mobile devices is a seriously fun strategic deck building game useful to gain credits to purchase weapons, abilities, and costumes within Battlefront.

    Recommendation: Considering the sequel is going to be released that improves upon the game play while expanding the roster of hero characters and includes armies and locations from all seven Star Wars films skip this entry and jump into Battlefront 2. However, if you want to experience the best Star Wars space flight experience currently available for VR, definitely pickup this game at a discounted price.

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