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Scary bad

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    Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

    Rating: 0.5 – Unplayable

    Scary bad

    Whlie many people look down on the Paranormal Activity films, I actually quite like most of them. I found the concept very intriguing, and consider the movies some of the best found footage films ever made. As you might imagine, the concept of playing a Paranormal Activity virtual reality game was always very appealing to me, but unfortunately, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is a huge disappointment and virtually unplayable.

    In Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul, players explore a creepy old house, with the main driving force behind the gameplay being puzzle solving and finding items in the environment in order to progress. Right off the bat, players will hit a major snag that will greatly impact their ability to proceed in the game. The lighting in Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is just abysmal, and makes finding key items a nightmare. Players are given little to no indication of what items in the environment they can interact with, which makes it feel like instead of playing the game, players are playing against the game.

    The motion controls are rarely responsive either, so players may think they found something that they need, only to find they can’t pick it up. Well, you either can’t pick it up because of it’s just something that can’t be interacted with, or because the game’s motion controls messed up. This can make players stuck, as they can never be quite sure when they’re wasting their time trying to grab something and when it’s something that they actually need in order to progress through the game.

    From a gameplay standpoint, Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is completely and utterly broken. Unfortunately, the rest of the experience doesn’t fare much better. I already touched on how the lighting is bad, but the graphics are atrocious in general. A big part of VR immersion requires the visuals to be at least somewhat decent, but The Lost Soul offers visuals that look at least a generation old. This makes immersion impossible, and it honestly left me with a headache staring at the muddy textures.

    The story is also incomprehensible and pointless. Anyone hoping for something that actually feels like a video game version of the Paranormal Activity movies will be left sorely disappointed. The game does nothing to build atmosphere, and it is just so outlandish that the suspension of disbelief you can get for the movies is just unattainable.

    Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul is an example of VR gone wrong. It is one of the worst games available for PlayStation VR, and is one of the most miserable gaming experiences I’ve had on the PS4 in general.

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