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Running with scissors.

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    Snipperclips – Cut it out, together!

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Running with scissors.

    One of the most fascinating phenomena in the video game industry to me is how that people who grew up on classic games are now the ones making them. We saw it start to happen at the beginning of the decade, when people whose childhoods were shaped by the NES began developing 8-bit side-scrolling tributes to those very games, and made lots of money for it. Now, we are starting to see a generation who grew up on Flash games make their imprint. One of my favorite Flash series was called The Decline of Video Gaming, which made fun of terrible industry trends around the turn of the century. The animators, the Super Flash Bros., were just cynical nerds on a video game message board like you and me. Guess what? Those very same guys now make video games themselves. After taking a crack at mobile games, Snipperclips is their first chance to prove themselves on a home console. People like to say not to make fun of something if you cannot do better yourself (though the people who say that are usually idiots), but the Super Flash Bros. rise to that challenge here.

    Snipperclips is primarily a co-op game. Playing as two nondescript Pac-Man ghost-shaped figures, you and your partner must work together to solve a puzzle. Your job is to ¡°snip¡± each other into shapes that can help solve said puzzle. For example, you may need to place a ball into a basket. The ball will simply roll off your standard form, but if you can cut a bowl shape into your partner, the ball can rest there without falling off. But the basket is high off the ground, and a normal jump will not reach it. Again, you need to work together and have one player lift the other high enough. This is just one of many scenarios you will come across, which there are even more of now thanks to the ¡°Plus¡± edition (in the form of DLC for owners of the original version). Even in earlier stages of the game, these puzzles can require quite a bit of thinking and experimenting. it’s a game thats extremely simple in its approach and presentation, but never holds the player’s hand.

    With a friend, Snipperclips is an addictive experience, though I personally found it best in short doses. In lengthy play sessions, the puzzles can get tedious, especially ones of higher difficulty. But I have ignored the single-player mode up until this point, and that’s because it’s almost an afterthought. There will still be two characters present, but you will need to switch back and forth between the two to solve puzzles. it’s playable, but feels pointless. In cases where both characters need to do actions at once, it can even make certain moves more annoying. Because of this, I have a harder time recommending Snipperclips if you do not have a friend to play with, and it needs to be a local friend due to the lack of online co-op, which is a missed opportunity.

    Still, especially given its very affordable price (half the price of a normal Switch game, and 1/3 the price if you go for the non-Plus version), I am willing to let Snipperclips slide by quite a bit on the strength of its co-op mode. Putting two minds together to solve a stage’s puzzle is only half the challenge, as actually pulling it off can be a tricky feat on its own. Even if you get the standalone version, whether you want to pursue he additional content as DLC is up to you, as there are still plenty of hours worth of content without it. I also found the game to work just as well in the Switch’s portable mode, making it perfect for travel buddies and killing time on airplanes. it’s a creative game that shows off the Switch’s versatility well, and is a great value to boot. While more of a fun time-waster than something you will sit down with for lengthy play sessions, Snipperclips is cut to fit.

    Rating:   3.5 – Good

    Product Release: Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! (US, 03/03/17)

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