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Right between the eyes!

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    NBA 2K15

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Right between the eyes!

    Being a semi NBA fan and having not played a basketball game in a while, I decided to take a shot with NBA 2K15. While having played the NBA 2K series with few pickup games here and there, I’ve never really spent significant time with it. With that in mind, I was eager to boot the game up and spend quality time with it, a series known for its basketball mechanics.

    Upon booting the game up, I created my player with the facial scan feature. This came out awkward and unimpressive. Like most sports games, I found my main focus being on the franchise type modes, where you can manage and take your team through many seasons. I did dabble with the my player mode, but did not particularly enjoy this mode. After about a season of playing solely as the player only, I lost interest.

    The franchise type mode however I felt was solid and fun. After selecting my team and adding a created player to the team, I played through 2 seasons, where I played most of the game and simulating a few games here and there. The basketball mechanics are definitely the highlight of the game. Shooting jumpers felt just right. Positioning and moving your player through the court felt smooth and seamless. Passing also felt smooth.

    One negative however was the defense. It felt overly difficult to really get your players to move and play defense in an effective manner. To note, I also did feel there were too many options and things became bloated. Outside of a few things, I didn’t really access or use most of the options. Aside from that, I enjoyed the stat tracking, team history and all those options as I went through playing through this mode.

    NBA 2K15 also looks fairly nice. I thought character models looks fairly life like when compared to their real life counterparts. Animation and movements also looked smooth and life like. The presentation itself was solid, with Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’neal leading the pre-game introduction. I thought commentary for the most part was solid, but there were lots of lines and phrases that were rinse and repeat.

    NBA 2K15 for the most part was a fun experience and I enjoyed my time playing it. With that said, I felt the game was over bloated and had too many options that I did not particularly care for. If you’re a basketball fan, I definitely think there’s enough here to worth checking out, especially if you’re relatively new to the series.

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