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Resident Evil 2 Remake

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    Resident Evil 2

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Resident Evil 2 Remake was announced back in 2015 and like many I was excited by the announcement. With the success of Resident Evil 7 bringing the series back to it’s horror roots I couldn’t be more excited to see how Resident Evil 2 can continue that momentum. The last time Capcom remade a Resident Evil was with the original back during the Gamecube and that game was not only amazing but, it felt like it did the original justice and then some. I was a little disappointed to find out that Resident Evil 2 would be a 3rd person shooter instead of going back to tank controls like the first REmake. Finally having the chance to play and beat Resident Evil 2 Remake; I love the continuing use of horror in the series. I also really love how much at home I felt playing this game.

    Resident Evil 2 story revolves around Leon Kennedy, a Raccoon City Police Officer and Claire Redfield, sister of Chris Redfield from the original game. Both characters have just arrived to Raccoon City unaware of the zombie outbreak that has taken place and now they have to find a way to survive the zombies apocalypse. If you have played the original game, then you know the story beats of this game. There really isn’t anything new added to the story other than the fact that the characters are portrayed better and by the end of the game you end up really caring about all of these characters even the side characters. For me Claire has always been my favorite Resident Evil character and behind her is Leon and this game made me appreciate them more and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    At first I was disappointed this game wasn’t going to play with tank controls but, luckily I was fine with it in the end because it reminded me of the Revelation games. The only difference is that in those games you can clear out zombies in those games if you wanted to but, in this game they are bullet sponges. Even if you shoot them in the head some of them will still be moving. The only way to get satisfying headshots in this game is with a heavy weapon like a Shotgun or Magnum. This game’s inventory system is pretty much the same one used in Resident Evil 7 so as you explore Resident Evil 2 you should find extra pouches in order to carry more things in your inventory. The key to surviving in Resident Evil 2 comes down to how you want to handle certain rooms will you leave zombie alive and only take out their legs so they won’t run after you or will you clear a room because you know that you will be revisiting certain areas.

    The best thing about Resident Evil 2 is that this game captures the horror element perfectly with its environment and sound designs. Every time I was in a dark room it got to me because I knew what was in the room whether it be a zombie or a licker it was intimidating. Seeing how it takes a lot to take down zombies this time around, this is where the sound makes a real impact because you can just hear the zombies steps, lickers crawling, and worst of all the heavy footsteps of the mighty Tyrant. The first time I saw the Tyrant I almost got a heart attack. When I thought I could take him down, he would throw a mighty swing at me and it was at that moment when I knew bullets weren’t gonna help me this time. And while you can escape from the Tyrant, this is where now more than ever you need to stay quiet meaning you better not sprint, encounter zombies, or shoot bullets otherwise the Tyrant will know where you are. Everytime I could hear the Tyrant’s steps I would get goosebumps because he can be anywhere nearby and all I can hope for is for him to walk away from where I am.

    In terms of flaws I have with the game, one thing I was excited to see was how Capcom would handle Scenario A/B for this game. For those who don’t know in the original game you would start a playthrough with Leon and after you beat the game you would unlock Claire storyline. Which was marked Claire B and what it means is you get to see what she was doing while Leon story was taking place. With the new playthrough you would enter rooms you didn’t enter in Leon’s campaign and you would encounter different characters. Also there were sometimes action you could have done in Leon’s campaign that in some way would effect Claire’s storyline. Needless to say, Capcom didn’t do anything unique as I expected other than changing the location of items, how early the Tyrant would come out, and the puzzles are somewhat different. The story is pretty much unchanged expect this is where you get the true ending when you play Claire and Leon’s 2nd run.

    One thing I wish was done better was to know when a zombie dies. In the original game you can tell when a zombie is dead by seeing blood coming out of them when they are in the ground or the obvious one when you got a headshot. In this game I have gotten so many headshots but, it doesn’t matter because they are bullet sponges. I get that right of the bat the game tells you either take down the zombie or you run and in my first playthrough I learned my lesson the hard way the game became more difficult because I was left with no ammo. I hope if Resident Evil 3 Remake happen later down the line, Capcom should try not making zombies sponges because there are times when you need to eliminate zombies otherwise there is almost no chance of exploring. Another small issue I have with the game is the lack of extra content like mercenary mode. In this game you can play the fourth survivor mode which as you playing as Hunk, an agent of Umbrella or you can play as tofu which is a block of tofu with your only weapon being a knife. Capcom has announced free DLC featuring characters that almost survived and that is something I will definitely be looking forward to.

    Resident Evil 2 REmake is everything I wanted it be and while my first playthrough of the game lasted about 6 hours and later that number would decrease when I tried out Leon’s campaign and what was once 6 hours turned to 4 ? hours. And as for the 2nd run they took less time because at that point I knew the layout of Resident Evil 2 so exploring became simple and the puzzles weren’t too difficult even with the change up. The best outcome of this game was the fact that I grew to like the cast of Resident Evil 2 more in this game which I appreciated. The most important question for me would the remake make it so I never want to play the original game. The only reason why I thought about this was because while I can still enjoy the original Resident Evil, the fact of the matter is the remake of Resident Evil 1 is so good that I don’t really want to play the original version anymore. I thought the same would happen to Resident Evil 2 but, with the remake not even using Tank controls I thought both games are the same but, play so differently that if a scenario were to happen where I can either play the remake or the original I would feel like there is no wrong answer. Both games are great and I can’t go wrong with either which is great because now I have two version of Resident Evil 2 that I can play and no matter which I choose to play I am guaranteed to have a great time.

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