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Remember Me?

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    Ryse: Son of Rome

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    Remember Me?

    Intro -
    Ryse– it’s funny how realistic is it..but slow. I think playing games like dmc or god of war has spoiled me – hack and slash really needs to be faster and with a lil more ‘umph’..Ryse sort of reminds me of Remember Me – it looks nice but the combat is extremely limited and you can only interact with the VERY FEW items the game lets you interact with and like Remember Me it is extremely linear to the extreme….at this stage of gaming there is no excuse for "certain vases, crates, etc" to be indestructible to a Roman sword.

    I think what im getting at is the game should look even BETTER considering how little there is to the actual game.. — and the enemies have the jankyiest animations this side of N64..Ryse is just incredibly lazy..I can’t even begin to comprehend who or what attempted the awful strategy bits — at certain points you are given 2 defend options – neither matter, neither are fun. As goes the same for the "archery" bits — dull and tedious. Too simple to be interesting too dull to be fun.

    Graphics -
    I am wowed in the sense of certain areas graphically of this game of course, but when you factor in how limited the game is in enemy types, painfully linear, unclear leveling up system.. I really think the game is just "ok" for new hardware… oh and I really like fighting the same exact 3 enemy models at the same time… very impressive stuff..you will see the same enemies several times in this game often at the same time, they don’t even try and change the color palettes either.

    Conclusion -
    This review has more to it than the game deserves. I primarily bought an Xbox One "early" to play this game so you can imagine how let down I am by this average attempt. I simply cannot believe this is the same studio that gave me the Crysis series. Crytek – you let me down! I have to think the game was merely rushed to hit the launch street date ~ the game is nothing more than a rental at BEST and has absolutely no replay value at all since even the collectables have almost no use or consequence on their own. This game reminds me of this review – my gf is rushing me to finish so we can eat dinner ~ but thankfully this won’t cost you $60 like the game does.

    2.5 out of 5.

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