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Released 10 years too late.

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    Persona 5

    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Released 10 years too late.

    When FF13 came out, I thought it was a fine game but others thought it was terrible. With Persona 5, I feel the exact same way those gamers felt about FF13. In one word this game feels outdated.

    Anime cut scenes, linear gameplay, and turn-based combat, these are dated mechanics. Dungeons and monsters aren’t more complex than Persona 4 or SMT Nocturne and most of the monsters are featured in Nocturne. Likewise, the battle system and most of the other elements such as the setting, party members, social link system (side quests) and calendar system are recycled from P3/P4. I read that the development time for this game was 6 years and it shows in the design choices. This game feels decidedly outdated with mechanics that were popular over a decade ago, in the mid 2000s.

    On story, dialogue and character, it’s an average anime. In the opening cut screen, you jump through a giant glass window and get surrounded by riot police outside. One of those officers butts you with their gun stock causing you to fail down stairs. Police brutality? Another officer says, “Your friend sold you out?” Why would a regular police offer know this and why would they disclose this information? Then during the interrogation another officer physically beats you and forces you to write a false confession by stating, “The camera won’t save you.” Save from the police, what? You don’t have an attorney apparently and an investigator enters the room, sees that you’ve been drugged and beaten by the police but does nothing. Really? In real life, the police would have blown a great opportunity for the prosecution to convict; this is grounds for a case to be lost/overturned. Someone that doesn’t understand the legal system and views the police as inhuman monsters out to get you would overlook the contrived writing but to me it came off as unbelievable. Teenagers are good, adults are evil, the story is an anime targeted to teenagers.

    P5 would have been a good game 10 years ago when I was still a teenager but it feels dated today. The question becomes who is this game for? The answer would be someone that likes JRPGs and has either played Persona before and is okay replaying the same game reskinned or someone who has never played Persona before and is still carving a AAA classic turn-based JRPG. The bottom-line is this game features no innovations and if you are okay with that then you’ll enjoy the game. For me, I’ve moved on.

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