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Really good, but not really new…

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    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Really good, but not really new…

    Ok, First of all, I’m going to say this game is somewhere in between the crazy top tier hype, and the "Meh, not really THAT great" and I’ll explain why :

    It does impress immediately in three ways – Scope, Graphics, and Setup. The whole game is built around the fact that it can pack lots of great effects and potential battles at the drop of a hat – the graphics are clean, crisp and fairly quick – the action didn’t stagger much at all in the 3 days I’ve immersed myself in it, and some of the newer action moves are great. Thing is, after about 48 hours, it started to sink in that it really could have had many more options to improve the game overall, and for the cash dropped on it, they should be included from the start to help players customize their games more. Halo 2 had more customization options for goodness sake…

    So while I sat and was in awe of the visual and control aspects of this juggernaut, My brain was telling me that, for some reason, it seemed like a ming vase perched upon a house of cards…I would have given this game a 95 for the first 24 hours, but, as time went on and the limitations and some repetitive gameplay exposed itself, that score started to erode – to the point where I now will say it’s a solid 80-85, depending on how much you like the people you play with and if, after the thrill and new game smell wears off, you still like to grind away, much in the form of Call of Duty’s latest romps. There are some incredibly high points in this game that, had they been more carefully bundled with multiplayer options almost every last-gen game has, would have made it an easy 90-95, but because of the lack of these much needed options from the start, I now stand firm on 80-85.

    I would highly suggest that you seek a friend that has a copy and play on theirs before dropping the cash, though – Not that it isn’t a very good game, it’s just that there are enough issues to make this game divide the shooters between those who will love the spartan, immediate drop into things, and those who favor customization a lot more – the latter group, I fear, will not be as kind rating this one…

    As for this being a "system seller" – I’m sure there will be those who do purchase a system because of this game – but I imagine that this game will be remembered more for it’s hype than it’s actual longevity and substance. Try it before you grab it – If COD and Light Mech style Warfare are your thing, and action movies light your cigar – this may be Nirvana for you…but if your are more a tactician and setup junkie intellectual, play at a friends and save your money…

    Overall Score -

    Graphics – 9
    Gameplay – 9
    Options / Customization (Initially) – 7
    Online Community – 8
    Replay Value – 8
    Overall – 8 – 8.5

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