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PS4 Spiderman: When a Spider become human

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    Marvel’s Spider-Man

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    PS4 Spiderman: When a Spider become human

    Introduction: Welcome to a review of PS4 Marvel’s Spiderman, there will be not Spoilers or Gossips, not even a Hints needed – because, it is Spiderman ( Created by the multi-talented comic artists Mr. Stan Lee & Steve Ditko since 1962~ On going ) need not presentation neither substitutes – there are plenty Comic books/ Cartoons / TV Series / Motion Pictures adaptations over five – almost six – decades that one can counts, so, lets dive in to this simple review of one of the "possible" candidate for 2018 Game of The Year:

    Gameplay: For whom are not familiar with Actions/First or Third PS games players, that will cause serious troubles, actually a big one if your goal is attempt to achieve 100% completion, although there are handicaps/disables’ friendly options in the menu – Hats off for Insomniac Games for that "Small" detail, not many game developers willing to do Action games with Auto Quick Time Events ( As known as QTE’s ) for "Special need" persons – that can easier some action scenes/sequences. But, as been said, still you need extra effort to manage all the fighting combos, if you are not fan of Capcom’s Street Fighter series, specially Ryu’s ( The protagonist alongside with Ken ) famous fighting moves – which assambles a lot with this version of Spiderman, smashing/crushing the action buttons blindly only gets your Dualshock4 retire faster than you can imagine, which cost a lot ( Almost a single game price ) double check the combat tutorial, get to knowing with the most commons specials attacks by practicing, mostly paciences, it can be done, playing in Easy ( Frendly ) mode – you can Platinum the game in one playthrough on Frendly – do not even dreams on going Hard ( Spectacular ) mode, only get yourself frustrated and do not want to touch the game any longer, those rights are restrictly reserved to the Youtubers/Livestreamers whom plays games for living, while, we are merely "normal" human beings, with daily jobs to attends to and family’s issues to take care about. Relax, take your time, the platinum will waiting for you. There are a lot of collectables on the map – Once you beated the Prologue, of course – to do a free run clean-up taken, some of them are lock by the Story mode, so is not "So much" Open World game like GTA franchise after all, but you can get few later on gagets/suits by preorder the 1st release copy of the game, also there are tons of easter eggs – as usual from Marvel – hidden in each unthinkable corner of the map…

    Gameplay: 7.5/10

    Story: Peter Parker, the Spiderman, better yet : Disney’s Ratatouille’s Remy in this version, you will know the reason later in story mode – No spoilers, remember? – there are roles-switching here, We, who growing up watching Spiderman old times’ Comics/80’s TV shows will not recognize this version of Peter. With Mr. Stan Lee approval & his "persona"l endorsement – some sort of Mr. Alfred Hitchcock’s copy cat, like to make a cameo in every Marvel Avenger’s movies and… games- this game featuring a more Mature Peter Parker, eight years of experiences fighting crimes/villians, does not means he is a rol model college gradulated man, on contrary, he is vulnerable, human for most especific explanation, making personals/work-wide mistakes that brings consequences for his actions, some goods, some not so goods.. Is up to you to decide, there are not multiple choice paths here ( Some games have good/bad endings ) there is only one ending. It is a eight to ten hours long Marvel Comic Universe – As known as MCU – Avengers action movie. This time though, is not Nicholas Hammond ( 80′ TV shows ) Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or the most recent Tom Holland that play Spiderman. No, "We" do, with major power, comes major responsabilities, someone saids that, see if you can fit those shoes…

    Story: 8/10

    Graphics & Sounds: There is something worth notice: this is the first game who is writing have that feature Console-language interface "bundle" enhacement, what is that means? If you are Hispanic living in the East ( PSN JP ) have your PS4/PS4 pro main language setting in Spanish, but bought a Japanese version of the game, the Subtitles will not appears. Because of the regions restriction codes, you must turn the console main language according to the specifics ones of the copy you have bought: mine is to U.S. English for a mini expansion pack or switch to Japanese for those Subtitles to works. Usually when you play 3A+ titles like: Uncharted, The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed’s series, they always offer subtitle in English as default or your native language not questions asked, but with PS4 Marvel’s Spiderman you only have the option Show/Hide in the section subtitles, leading us to switch between language when play the game & watching Netfix/Youtube or other applications you opens, kind of weird but also funny when a trophy pops ups and you have the achivement photo in Trilingual ( Trophy name, Subtitle, Interface/Voice ) The graphics, well, if you still have the first generation LCD TV, you will have some minor issues adjusting the size of the screen, annoying, but nothing serious.

    Graphics & Sounds: 7.5/10

    Playtime/Replaybility: If you wonder is this game woth playing? well as a very subjective question, a very subjective answer : a ticket to the most recient MCU’s Avengers: Infinite War movie cost about 10~15 dollars US here depending if you watched it in normal or 3D in cinema, a 75 dollars taxes included game is indeed expensive. But you cannot play Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America, the Black Widow, etc. right? again is 8~10 hours movie-game, with 20+ hours of walkthrugh, Replaybility depends on each person, most of the 3A+ games are just warming up, we have Shadow of Tomb Raider ( Release two day ago ) Red Dead Redemption 2, Kingdom Heart 3, The Last of Us 2, etc. Is up to you to decide…

    Playtime/Replaybility: 7.5/10

    Final Recommendations: Want to have fun yourself rol-playing Peter Parker, or rent a Spiderman movie/waiting for new cinemas releases? If you are a Spiderman fan, you may want to have this one: It is a easiest/earliest Platinum game this player ever saw, some Yutubers/Livestreamers even Platinum the game before the launch date ( 09/07 ) because Sony & Marvel gave them the exclusive copy 48 hours earlier. Believe me, it is fun – if you are a hard core action gamer – enjoyable, play in easy ( Friendly ) mode if you have troubles, It is similar to Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, if you like that game, you will like this one…

    Final Score: 7.5/10

    God bless you all

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