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Proof that Sony will put anything on their store as long as you pay their license fees…

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    Orc Slayer

    Rating: 1.0 – Terrible

    Proof that Sony will put anything on their store as long as you pay their license fees…

    I’ll be straight-up with you guys, Orc Slayer may very well be the worst PS4 game I’ve every played (and I’ve definitely played my fair share of PS4 games by now). It may even be one of the worst games of all time (but is likely dwarfed by things like "Superman 64" and "Big Rigs"). Those statements are easy to make though, as the universal reception of this "game" has been all-around abysmal, but just so you thoroughly understand why this game is so bad, let’s break it down below.

    Surprisingly, there is actually a "story" to Orc Slayer. It’s pretty generic, but it is there. Orcs have been suppressed in the past and hid away, growing their numbers and waiting for the right time to strike. That time has come and they’ve over-run the land, and the only thing standing between them and the people is one engineer (you) and his trusty crossbow. The game gives you this background info at the beginning of the game and then your thrown into the action. There’s a few more text blurbs about the story halfway through the game and near the end (as you transition environments), but this game is still very light on the "story". In fact, once you start playing, you’ll never see anything other than enemies. No human interaction, which leaves all of the story in those text blurbs before certain levels. Kill orcs because they are bad!

    OK, onto the game play. The premise is simple. You have a crossbow that automatically reloads and has infinite bolts. Use it to shoot orcs to death. That’s about it. There are three special types of ammo you can collect and a special "Gatling Crossbow" power-up you can collect, which are all nice. There’s also a "level up" system where you’ll gain points for killing orcs and getting head shots that lets you level up your health, reload speed, or special ammo damage. A solid premise overall, I would say.

    And yet… and yet the implementation of the game play is just horrid. Just horrid. Enemies will pop in out of nowhere, and can even spawn directly behind you and attack you (that gets old fast). The hit detection is just atrocious, to the point where you can’t trust where you are aiming. The game also gets laggy whenever there’s too many enemies on the screen. There’s just no way this game had any sort of quality assurance whatsoever, as so many poor ideas were just left in. It’s playable… but boy is it a slog to get through…

    And then there’s the graphics. There’s a reason this game only cost 2-3 bucks. You fight from a first-person view, so there’s not much in the way of player animations (your crossbow and your special ammo is it). The enemies however are 3D models and they do not look very good at all. The first thing I thought of was that the graphics were made by a 3D modeling student. This is the bottom bar of "acceptable" in my opinion, made even more egregious by all of the game play shortcomings…

    The music is boring and bland as well. Generic sound effects, nothing memorable about the music at all. Heck, the sound effects can be downright repetitive and annoying at times, like a poorly-made 90’s PC game. I will say that there is some variety to the graphics though, as you switch from a hill/town area, to a castle area (that is much too confined) to a swamp area, but it’s still just all very bland.

    As for replay-ability… I mean, why would you play this more than once? The "level up" system is something, I suppose, but anything other than more defense and reload speed is just wasting your points (heck, just accessing the level up menu is a chore: with its poor design it seems like the game is just about to crash).

    In fact, there’s really only ONE REASON anyone would really play this game: it has admittedly easy trophies. You can get a platinum with Orc Slayer in an afternoon if you try (which is the reason I actually played the game, I won’t lie… although getting to write a scathing review is definitely a bonus). So if you want to pad your trophies (or achievements) and can slog though a sub-par game, this may very well be the game for you!

    Overall: 2/10

    While "Orc Slayer" was already universally known as a trash game, hopefully this review shows you why. Buggy game play, no effort in game design or quality, student-quality graphics and poor hit detection define this game. If you want some easy trophies… well, you won’t enjoy it, but they are there for the taking. If not though, this game should just be ignored. Even if the game is 2-3 dollars, trust me… they are still asking for too much. Have fun and keep playing.

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