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One wrong move, and it’s game over

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    A Healer Only Lives Twice

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    One wrong move, and it’s game over

    This is a strategy game which turns a normal RPG premise on its noggin, and captivated me by doing it. The premise is that you’re the healer of a knight, and the healer is the main character. The knight has to do battle with, say, 15 enemies each stage. The enemies are lined up, and they form four rows. As the healer, your job is to choose the enemy to attack (because the game is turn-based), and also to keep the knight alive. It’s harder than it seems, partly because your knight always moves AFTER the enemies.

    The game has at least 32 levels (the game calls them tiers, but they could be called waves). I haven’t completed it yet. With 6 pages of upgrades, and a good amount of options in-game, it can keep you entertained. Upgrades are purchased with in-game money, and you get more money if you have a high score. You’re allowed to suspend the game, but if you get a game over, you can’t continue UNLESS you buy the upgrade for starting at a high level.

    So, this is a strategy game with RPG elements. A wrong move on an early level can cost you down the line. A mistake of thumbs can make you choose the wrong option. You could even fail to get all your preparations done in time (because each healing option has a cooldown period), and the knight would collapse. This game has a whopping 2 attack boosts, so even if you’re forced to use 1, you have a second attack boost to deal with the more challenging enemies. Not all of them have beefy HP, just a few, to give variety and a sense of difficulty.

    There’s no reraise option. Once dead, it’s a game over. Therefore, you have to be particularly cautious some of the time, and bold at rare moments when the opportunity presents itself. To get the game moving, you have items that help to make the game flow faster. I wonder how the game would have been with a reraise. I wouldn’t be sure until I played it. There are so many tiny, but interesting, possible tweaks to strategy games.

    You’re allowed to delete your profile if you so desire. Perhaps you bought too many upgrades, and the game was too easy (though I found it challenging throughout). In that case, you can rectify it. You get 3 modes of play: main, main ex, and trial. Main and trial are for using the game’s upgrades, and main ex prohibits upgrades. Main and main ex have enemies in a set order. Trial is the mode that you might go back to the most. It’s the most fun for me because each enemy is randomized. You get to fight enemies from late-game, but completely scaled to level so they’re a blast to play with.

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