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Not what I was expecting but it blew me away

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    Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Not what I was expecting but it blew me away

    One day (after getting our brand-new Nintendo Switch) my wife went to the store and bought Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. When she brought it home I was not expecting much from the game since I had never played a Rabbids game before. However, I really enjoy the Mario games so I gave it a shot. From the opening scene, the game had me and my whole family dying laughing. It was at that point, I knew I was in for a real treat.

    Mario + Rabbids immediately reminded me of Final Fantasy Tactics in the sense that it is a turn base game. Now this isn’t normally my cup of tea but there was something special about it (maybe it was just seeing Mario with a gun). At the start of the game, you only have three characters to play with and you earn more as you play through the game (8 playable characters in all). Each main Mario character has an alter ego Rabbid persona which makes the game very interesting and fun.

    Each character has their own skillset and weapons that make each character unique and handy is different situations. While you can play through most of the game with just the characters you like, there are some levels that will require you to change up your strategy and pick specific characters to defeat the level. Also, each weapon has their own special ability attached that can help or hinder depending on situation. If you ink an enemy, they cannot attack you that round but you might be better off “bouncingâ€?that enemy off the map which can cause more damage and possibly eliminate them.

    PUZZLES! This game is not just about take your turn, shoot the enemy and complete the level. Nope there is more to it. Some of the time, before you can even get to a fight, you need to complete a puzzle to advance. Now, these puzzles are not crazy hard, and I only think there was maybe 2 that I had to think about, but they are fun and require a few game mechanics to work through. But, not all puzzles are before or after a fight, some are within the fight as well. Some puzzles can take the form of reaching the end of the map with at least one character. Or another puzzle could take the shape of escorting toad to the extraction point and not letting him die (I really don’t like the escort missions). Puzzles are probably my most loved aspect of the game and if you like/love puzzles as well, then you will most likely love this game as well.

    There is currently only a small amount of “worldsâ€?available at this moment (more might be added with a DLC, MAYBE). However, within each world, there are multiple battles and secret sections that cannot be accessed through the first play through of that world. You must gain special powers and revisit the world to access the secret section of each world. If you’re a completionist like me, then it’s no problem and rather fun to find and complete them. Each world has a main boss that is a “convertedâ€?Rabbid which their own unique fighting style.

    Without giving anything away about the ending, the final boss came as no surprise to me. However, what did surprise me was how the final boss came to be. The battle itself was not difficult but can be time consuming and fun.

    If you just run through the game without collecting additional weapons that are out of the way, then you can play through the game within ~15 hours. If you want to collect all the weapons and find all the secrets, then expect to drop around 20-25 hours into the game. There is also a local two player mode that allows you to play with a friend to extend the life of the game.

    All in all, I love this game. I wasn’t expecting to get this game nor was I even aware that this game existed. However, this game is amazing and if you like the Mario games or a strategy game, then you should definitely give this game a try.

    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (US, 08/29/17)

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