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Not quite a hat trick, but still a solid effort.

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    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Not quite a hat trick, but still a solid effort.

    Not being much of a fan of the real sport, I have enjoyed some of the games over the years. I thought it was time to finally give another soccer game a try. Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a game made by Konami. It is fairly well made and provides fun in spurts.

    When I first booted the game up, there were multiple options like a quick no nonsense exhibition match or a more in depth tournament like international cup which takes on the World Cup format. After giving a few exhibition matches a go to get my bearings, I played some international cup and selected my national team.

    While I do not know much about soccer, I liked the things the game threw at you. You notice the defense level of the computer ramp up as you increase difficulty. They would press you much more and take the ball away from you easier.

    This forces players to pass the ball more and be more strategic. I like the cuts that players make to try to get themselves open. This leads for opportunities for players to put a well place ball in the right spot for a goal opportunity.

    The pass and shots on goal are mostly controlled by a meter stick that shows how much power you are putting into the kick. Too powerful a kick and you might totally miss a pass to a teammate or over shoot a goal shot. Time it just right and it is a thing of beauty.

    Playing defense does feel slightly more ruggish. It feels a bit tight and difficult to make change of directions when trying to defend. As a result, sometimes it feels like the difficulty for offense is just right but for defense it is still a bit too difficult. This lack of balance does detriment from the game a bit from my perspective.

    From a visual perspective, the game looks okay. It does not look spectacular but it is not bad on the eyes. It is on par with what I would expect from a yearly sports title, especially one that is a few years from being released. The commentating was pretty solid so that helped the presentation department.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a fun game. There are moments where it does get a bit tedious for us none Soccer fans and the defense does feel slightly off. With that said, in spurts the game is fun and I enjoyed it. You can find it for cheap now and I would recommend giving it a go.

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