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Not quite a Goku or Vegeta. More like a Piccolo.

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    Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Not quite a Goku or Vegeta. More like a Piccolo.

    Dragon Ball FighterZ is a recent fighting game released by Bandai Namco. Such as its name implies, the game is based on one of the most popular anime around. Growing up, I enjoyed watching the Dragon Ball Z episodes. Watching the game trailers, coupled with my nostalgia for the series got me amped up for this game. I bought the game day one and gave it a go.

    The premise revolves around a new android called android 21. She resurrects old enemies like Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu. There is also some concept about linking, where only certain combatants under your control has their power. I did not really get this part, but other parts of the story were cool like watching the characters interact. Android 21 has an insatiable thirst to basically turn strong combatants to food and eat them for power.

    The game has essentially three story arcs. There is the hero arc, which essentially follows the view point of our heroes like Goku, Krillin, and Picolo. Next up is the villains arc, which showcases the story from Frieza’s perspective. Lastly, there is the android 21 arc. Most of the story arcs will revolve around three on three battles, mixed with cut scenes to fill you in on the story or character interactions.

    The story mode overall was solid. It did get a bit repetitive, as you moved on in the story. Most of this is due to beating up on the computer became a bit of a chore, as you really just wanted to see what happened next. With that said, the fighting system is fun and fast.

    The fighting system was made so that non hardcore fighting fans would enjoy, but complex enough for the hardcore ones to like. When controlling dragon ball characters, you can unleash impressive combos with a few well time buttons. You also have blasts and signature moves that you can perform. Most of them are after the characters they are based off of from what I remember.

    The game also uses a three on three format, where you can tag in team members or call on them to assist. While each character had some uniqueness to them, I did feel like for the most part I would just be able to string together impressive combos with the same button sequences for most characters. I felt like if you knew how to do a street fighter fireball and the variations, you could perform awesome looking combos. Now this certainly tailors to casual fighting fans like myself, so cannot complain too much.

    The game’s graphics certainly look cool, with character model looking like it was straight out of the cartoons I watched growing up. Combos would look cool and impressive. But obviously the best thing about the graphics was the homage to the characters and how beautiful they are in comparison to the anime. The game also flowed smoothly. The music and voice acting was also good. I turned on the English voice acting and it felt like the cartoons I used to watch.

    Dragon Ball Fighter is a solid fighter with some flaws and lots of nostalgia. It features a combat system that is tailored to both casuals and hardcore fans alike. The story mode gives you lots to do, albeit being somewhat repetitive after a while. The graphics are gorgeous and the game feels like a dragon ball game. While the flaws keep it from one of the fighting game greats, it is still worth checking out.

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