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Not just another Dark Soul clone.

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    Orcahi Iori

    Lords of the Fallen

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Not just another Dark Soul clone.

    Lords of the Fallen is one of those Action-RPG game that may not leave you breathless but you may want to come back for more, I am not just saying that because I want to justified my $60 purchase for this game. Matter of fact I was in a dilemma between choosing this game and Sunset Overdrive just the day before both games came out. Eventually I decided to pick Lords of the Fallen instead after I watched some Game Play videos on twitch. Let me just say that I would totally recommend this game to anyone that are a fan of Action-RPG game or just Dark Souls in general. Let me just break down the game mechanic for everyone real quick.

    Story: It is not mind blowing or anything. I can guarantee you that half the time you probably won’t even pay attention to the characters and what great insight they have during the game. I am a bit disappointed about not being able to customize the main character’s appearance in this game, but what can you do right? Main character is a prisoner that got rescued by a monk, and during his adventure to save the day. He will come across a very annoying female that nobody really care about. It is really that bad, then again I am sure most people will play this game for the combat system and the action. The Story itself is very tedious at best.

    Graphic: I am playing this game on the Xbox One, and after I installed the 5.5GB patch on day one. I personally did not encounter any slow down or any noticeable frame rate drop at all. The Graphic in this game is pretty sweet and it may not be as amazing as the Graphic in Ryze but I guess that all depend in the eyes of the beholder.

    Gameplay: So at the beginning of the game, you get to choose from three different class which are Rogue, Cleric and Warrior. Now Anyone that played any Dark Souls game should have a general idea about the Rogue class. You suppose to wear only light armor and equip light weapons such as dagger or short sword, but in Lords of the Fallen that mentality is not necessary, since there are couple bosses that will require you to just tank it in heavy armor and you can’t do any decent damage without any Heavy weapons, so with that being said, you can equip any kind of armor and weapons you want. There are no restriction at all. The Cleric class remind me of your traditional Paladin class, it is recommend that you wear medium armor and sword and shield, also you can cast magic and whatnot. The Warrior Class is your typical tank class, all Heavy armors and Heavy weapons all day. Blocking is what you need, you won’t even need to remember what the dodge button is. There are also lots of destructable environment in the game, breaking Vases sometime reveal crystal that you can pick up. There are some variety of mobs that some of them attack really quickly, while others may have biggest shield you’ve ever seen in your life, Overall there are many ways to kill an enemy, you just need to figure out your style.

    Conclusion: I definitely recommend this game to any Action-RPG or Dark Souls fan. It may not be as challenge and hardcore as Dark Souls, but it still provide a decent challenge at the end. Some bosses are really easy to pick apart once you figure out their pattern, while others will make you cringe so hard at the sight of it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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