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Not exactly the breath of fresh air we hoped for,yet it succeeds in being a solid Action Adventure FPS

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    Far Cry 5

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Not exactly the breath of fresh air we hoped for,yet it succeeds in being a solid Action Adventure FPS

    Synopsis-Far Cry 5 is an Open-World/Action Adventure FPS title where you travel across Hope County,Montana in order to put a stop to the Doomsday cult known as Eden’s Gate. The player travels across three regions which are controlled by John,Faith and Jacob Seed in which after you kill them you have to face the leader of the cult Joseph Seed. For the sake of this review I will not spoil the plot since it is a new game and the DLC Campaigns have not been released yet so Ill exclude them. Also do note that I have not played Arcade as I do not have online access for my PS4 at the moment I am writing this. So with that out of the way lets begin

    Gameplay- The premise is amazing on paper however, the story is scarce and there is no linear sense of storytelling with the main quest as it is traded in for the free-flow progression that feels more natural than tower climbing. How natural is the exploration? You can talk to residents of Hope County to access side missions,outposts quests and treasure locations. I quite enjoyed this way of progression as it shows that Ubisoft has outgrown the Tower climbing phase of their career as shown in AC1-AC:Syndicate,Watch Dogs 1,Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 which got stale and felt like time was wasted climbing towers to unlock side content instead of completing the main story or engaging in side activities. This method saves lots of valuable time and makes much more sense from an objective standpoint. Side Missions are actually worth playing this time. Sure there’s the usual fetch quests however the side quests that are worth playing include the destruction of Cult property,the Larry missions,Guy Marvel missions,Clutch Nixon missions. the worst side missions include the collect items list,Wolf Beacons,the post-outpost missions. The Treasure quests are by far my person favorite as you have to explore certain areas in order to obtain the items which consist of three perk points,money,ammo etc. The degree of exploration is not much however it is still fun to traverse a haunted house or travel across a bridge via grappling hook. The main quest is the actual gem of the game as they make you feel like an integral part of the story in some positive ways and some negative. However I was dissatisfied by the two endings.

    Gunplay remains the same as before with little to no changes which is disappointing to say the least. As the number of guns have been reduced and have been replaced with prestige variants of those same weapons. I feel that this approach to gun selection was lazy since the prestige guns make the default guns useless unless you add some attachments to the latter and even then the latter makes the former useless giving you have enough money via microtransactions which in itself is a problem within the industry as a whole however I digress. Clothes for your character can also be brought which is worthless since the game is locked in First Person through the entire game unless you die. As for the gunplay itself as I said before it largely remains the same. You have Pistols,SMGs,LMGs,Rifles,Rocket Launchers,Snipers and Special weapons which include Flamethrowers and an Alien Gun which is a terrible weapon as its only purpose is to push objects backwards and you’re better off using the conventional weapons instead. The environment is the most beautiful setting so far,Hope County does a great job of emulating the rural side of Montana.

    Stealth is handles quite great as always since you have perks such as increased stealth,takedown chain,silencers etc. When I took over outposts I always tried to go for the stealth takedowns without getting detected or destroy the alarms at the very least. The sense of accomplishment when utilizing stealth is satisfying in almost every game and Far Cry is no exception. On a side note,gunning down enemy outposts in a helicopter makes for quite fun times as well.

    Far Cry has always had larger than life villains and I am glad to inform you that Joseph Seed is not exactly one of those villains as hes charismatic,believes hes doing the right thing etc.

    Conclusion-To recap,this game is overall great yet it suffers the same problems such as fetch quests,limited gun section and pointless customization. However I would recommend this game for the main quests,side missions,Stealth is as satisfying. This wasn’t the breath of fresh air that the series needed after the mediocre Far Cry:Primal however is still a solid romp through a beautifully crafted southern region and I only look forward to the expansions from the season pass.





    Final Score-7.5/10

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