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Nintendo Switch Console – why is it $407 and not $299?

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    Nintendo Switch Console

    Question: Nintendo Switch Console – why is it $407 and not $299?

    because the seller is an a$$hole

    Due to limited stock but high demand, the price is increased.

    Don’t fall for those selling at higher prices Nintendo are making more and you should go out and check your local electronics retailer they have them for either 299.99 or 499.99 packaged deals. So this isn’t a limited item.

    I love it over payed for it if you got the money buy it if you don’t wait

    It isn’t.

    Hi there! That is because the Switch is currently sold out at retail pricing. The price you see reflects the lowest 3rd party sellers price for the system. Due to demand being very high, and supplies limited, the price is higher.

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