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Nintendo Switch Console – What gets saved on the sd card?

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    Nintendo Switch Console

    Question: Nintendo Switch Console – What gets saved on the sd card?

    I think just screenshots you take on the console. Right now Nintendo doesn’t support game data to be saved on the SD card. I did hear that they are work on cloud storage but as far as the game data for now, it is saved on the system storage.

    The games get saved onto the ad card

    ALL this info should be stated at the top of the product description–
    To quote Nintendo: “Details about cloud-based storage+saves will be available before the paid service launches in September 2018 – A subscription to Nintendo Switch Online will be REQUIRED if you want cloud-based backup. Nintendo’s online service will cost $19.99 annually, and the company has a handful of options at 1 month=$3.99, 3 Months =$7.99, and 12 Months(yearly/annually)=$19.99"

    I’ve been wanting to buy a Switch w Zelda since Switch’s launch, but after watching a Jim Sterling video stating Nintendoh DOES NOT allow you to back up your saves yet-and when it will be able to it will NOT be for free either.
    Also sometimes the Switch can have a slight data corruption problem, so if you spent say 500+hrs in Zelda, you can’t back it up via SD card- so if your data becomes corrupted or say you need to replace a broken/etc switch, you have to start all over again until Nin’s paid cloud storage is available in Sep 2018

    DLC and games saves and pictures you take of games during game play with the Switch camera option. They’ll probably expand this option as it grows in expansion options but this is just the beginning for the Switch.

    You can save whole games and their save data

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