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Nine Months Later

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    Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Nine Months Later

    In preparation of the upcoming Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, I wanted to update how the game holds up after almost a year. In sales, Ultra Street Fighter 2 far exceeded Capcom’s expectations. After 400+ hours and nine months overall, the online community is still very active, especially the japan scene. I believe it will still be active after the release of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection since it is not included and the game is balanced differently from other versions.

    The Way of the Hado didn’t need to be included in the game to begin with, therefore its poor reception doesn’t lower the grade of the game since it is just an added bonus. The custom colors are nice and don’t ruin the experience of the game, unlike Street Fighter X Tekken which had bright neon colored characters plague online battles. The gallery is also another bonus that is fun to just play music from. Arcade gets you custom name plates that offer some challenge and something to do offline, as well as buddy battle which can get crazy.

    Now to the meat of the review and the most crucial part, the gameplay and online battles. This version is by far the most balanced version of Street Fighter 2 in my opinion. Tech throws change matchups drastically, and the removal of charged supers hurts Chun Li and E. Honda but those were bugs that weren’t intended to be in the game. However, Akuma, Violent Ken, and Evil Ryu may be a problem to players. In tournament play, these characters would no doubt be banned. However, online matches can be filled with these characters, especially Violent Ken and Akuma, who are at the top of the tier list.

    The worst is without a doubt Violent Ken, who has a command dash that goes through projectiles and is very fast. He can only use it to move forward but has three different distances he can cover depending on the strength of the button used. Pair this up with the fact that his uppercuts are the best in the game and he can cross you up for 50/50 situations, and you have yourself the most annoying Mugen-type character in street fighter 2 to fight against, or the most fun to play with. He has very low health and stun next to Akuma but that means nothing to skilled players.

    Essentially you have many Violent Ken players online that spam uppercuts that can sometimes be unpunishable due lag. Akuma is the opposite of Violent Ken, and instead plays the lame game with his air fireballs. This is the best thing he can do, and can punish anyone who gets close with a nice combo. He can get out of the corner with his teleport when pressured, and can actually get a free Special Combo if you block his air fireball which will do almost half health. He is however much more balanced than previous versions.

    Evil Ryu has the potential to kill in one combo, however, almost all his abilities and attacks are weaker than the other shoto’s. He has low priority and mostly trades damage on normal attacks, the majority not in his favor due to his lower health. The best thing in his arsenal is his overhead kick and tastumaki with great combo ability, making him have great potential yet not as good as his counterparts.

    That leaves online play. Online matches range from unplayable to consistent good connections. This depends on who you fight against. If a player uses Wifi and/or plays from across the world, the connection can lag greatly. Luckily, Nintendo gives the option to block players you’ve recently played with. Therefore I personally block anyone who has unplayable connection or dodges matches to gain rank. This has made online play much more enjoyable.

    More options are available to play the game as well. Originally there were only Joycons and the Pro Controller which were very expensive. Now they have released an arcade stick for the full experience, and a third party converter on amazon lets you use most controllers from PS3 to present for only $20.

    Ultimately, I have fell in love with this game regardless of the lag and inclusion of unbalanced characters. I play almost one hour a day sometimes and thoroughly enjoy winning or losing, regardless if I get angry. The game still has a huge playerbase and community. You won’t have a hard time finding matches depending on what time of day you play.I created a Tier List for anyone looking to play the game and try out some characters. $40 may be a bit much but I have played this game even longer than Zelda Breath of the Wild just because I love coming back.


    Rating:   4.0 – Great

    Product Release: Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers (US, 05/26/17)

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