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Nice job Spintires

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    Spintires: Mudrunner

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Nice job Spintires

    Never played Spintires Mudrunner before? Allow me to give you a brief look into this game.

    I am not a deep simulation game player but the graphics displayed in the trailer made me want to take a look at it. The object is to use your vehicles to transport logs across muddy, rocky, woodsy terrain or across streams, rivers and lakes to the log mills. Sounds simple and kinda of boring right? Not at all! You have to use all the tools in your toolbox for some of these masterpiece maps. Everything from winching and towing to making your own routes to some of these remote watchpoints may have you on the edge of your seat for hours, yes hours! Many of the trophies, unlike in many games, are easy to get once you really get the hang of the gameplay.

    You can join other players online or create a session where people can join you in completing your objectives. Use your mic or even your horn to communicate with other players.

    There are a variety of ways to make a map much more challenging. Hardcore mode alone can push your skills to their limits. You may find the biggest challenge in using the lowest rated vehicles available. A grueling task for even the best players.

    Now some highlights and lowlights

    The Good

    I am a fan of playing large ground vehicle simulation games although they are few. I must say I am amazed at the detail put into this game. The graphics are awesome. The details on the trucks, the landscapes and even the driver are done very well. The rocks, stumps, downed trees and mud clumps aren’t just eye candy people. The texture mapping is just superb. So much detail just left me in awe. Having low hanging branches hitting your windshield and being able to hear and see them as you try to push through is a clear demonstration of attention to detail. Even the flow of water has sound. Yeah, real babbling brooks!

    The coding and parameters must have taken a very long time and it shows. You hit a sapling with a jeep and you know. You hit that thing with a 8-wheeled beast and bye bye. The muddy trails are affected the more they are used just like IRL! The driver can drown although it doesn’t affect the gameplay, lol. The headlights, gear shifting and crane actually serve a purpose! Mastering which gears to use in certain conditions will go a long way.

    Easy to mute someone that you don’t want to hear. I hate having to listen to people breathing and saying nothing or just have a bunch of background noise. A simple button press on their name and silence.

    The Bad

    Sometimes when passing logs to another player they will fall through their vehicle or trailer and end up on the ground. More work having to pick them up or get new ones loaded.

    Can’t kick a player! There are, like in many online co-op games, trolls that join games and intentionally cause mayhem for other players. Why not let the game server be allowed to remove troublesome players?

    Some occasions, if you really want a challenge you may want to start with as few stars as possible, you may bite off more than you can chew. I’ve started with a jeep and ended up with no vehicles that could load logs (multiplayer/hardcore mode). The first 3 players had no log loading capable vehicles so we had to wait for a fourth person.

    Maybe a working vehicle radio would be nice. It gets quiet and lonely out there sometimes, lol.

    Could use more maps but they have recently released one so they are on it!

    Overall Opinion: Well worth the money. The attention to detail is amazing. It looks and sounds great. The controls are easy with an easy tutorial. Obtaining all the trophies and completing all the challenges will have you enthralled for hours on end. I look forward to seeing what comes next.

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