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New skin or better game?

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    Madden NFL 16

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    New skin or better game?

    I am a huge NFL fan and have played my share of Madden throughout the years. It’s been one of the games I buy every single year when it comes out. There have been a few times that it’s been great changes and really a new, better game but there have also been times it’s just been slightly better graphics with a roster update. I went into Madden 16 very hopeful because I loved Madden 15. I was disappointed in some areas but pleasantly surprised in others.

    The game plays beautifully. There are better physics then there have ever been. You don’t see guys with arms stuck out awkwardly flying around as you hit them. You no longer run into the back of your linemen like they are a brick wall but instead juke around them or spin off them. The main differences in the actual playing are there are more options passing then just touch and bullet and the new catching mechanics. You can now go for a spectacular catch and be aggressive while attacking the ball. Overall I believe it’s a lot of the same but with much better physics.

    Now for the bad news, Franchise still seems to be taking a back seat to other modes. Nothing new has been added for Franchise mode other than them showing stats more accurately and making weekly goals for you. No big additions for the Franchise mode. I love playing Franchise so this was a bummer for me. They have introduced a new mode called Draft Champions mode. I found it interesting at first but hate that your team is gone after one loss or three wins. The MUT mode is pretty much the same as last year and a lot of focus seems to be driven towards that mode since that’s where EA makes it’s money.

    There are definitely some improvements to the game making it a better game compared to previous entries. I still don’t think it is enough. I would like to see more focus on other modes like more focus on creating a Super Star and living his life and more variety in Franchise mode. The game play itself has improved though which is a huge plus. It’s more fun than ever to go head to head with your friends. It’s a great addition to the series and hopefully EA keeps doing great things.

    Better physics
    Good new mechanics
    Draft Champions is interesting
    Same game we know and love
    Good thriving community

    Not much change
    Too much focus on too few modes

    Overall: 8/10

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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