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Must play alternative title

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    The Last Guardian

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    Must play alternative title


    I’ll start this review with the graphics. The game is just beautiful. You can see all the different details in the beast, like his feathers, and similarly you can see all these subtle details in the environment. This game is very artistic by nature and so it is fitting that the colors create a sense of grandiose mystery. The environments are large and you can see far and all around you. The main character is made somewhat cartoonish but this does not take away, but rather complements the artistic style of the game.


    This game I would describe as somewhat of a puzzle adventure, in that you must solve clever ways to get to the next point in the game. I would try to play the game without a guide so as to gain the satisfaction that can be gained from beating it all on your own. You may end up kicking yourself for "not having seen that one", if you do so. It is very rewarding to be puzzled by a certain area and to then think outside the box and solve how to continue. It takes some patience sometimes to really get going but it is all worth it in the end. Being rewarded by a cool cutscene or sequence is great as the graphics are fantastic and the cinematics are very artistic.

    The controls are simple and easy to use. There are seemingly no flaws and I found myself playing fluidly through all parts of the game (other than the parts where I was stumped for a bit). Everything from the camera angles to jumping onto small platforms works perfectly and fits accordingly into the game. By that I mean that there are no points in which you can’t see what you need to see to move on (the camera angles). Without giving anything away I would suggest you analyze the environment carefully in order to succeed in the game.

    I’m giving this game a perfect score as it gave me exactly what I expected from the game and more. The game is best played in small sessions with breaks in between in my opinion. If you sit around and play the game for too long while you can’t figure something out, you only increase your chances of failure as you need to give your brain a rest so that it can think outside the box.


    The soundtrack is beautiful and contains all the suspenseful and climactic music you would expect from those moments. The orchestrated music complements the game perfectly and I must say these guys did a really good job choosing composers. Other than the music, you can expect good sound effects from the game.


    This is a must play alternative title. If you want to be rewarded with creative thinking, this is your game. Beautiful environments and a touching sense of emotion make this game what it really is though. You and the beast jump through the levels with grace while the soundtrack gives the feeling of suspense and gratification. Interactions with the beast are also interesting. If I had to sell PS4’s, I would probably choose this game to do so, as it showcases perfectly the kind of experience the console is capable of giving.

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