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More like Battlefield 64! Am I right, guys? Guys?

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    Battlefield 4

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    More like Battlefield 64! Am I right, guys? Guys?

    Like Call of Duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4 is a cross-gen shooter that released for both systems like Xbox 360 and systems like Xbox One. The difference is that Battlefield 4 genuinely takes advantage of the stronger hardware provided by Xbox One, and while it is usually a lot of fun, there are fundamental problems at play that keep Battlefield 4 from being a top tier shooter.

    Let’s start with the single player campaign. In the past, DICE has seriously struggled with the single player campaigns in their games, with the only truly exceptional one coming in the way of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Instead of trying to capture that awesome comedic vibe again, they decide to try to recreate the plots of Call of Duty, which is misguided at best considering the stories in the Call of Duty games are so awful.

    The basic premise is that there is a squad that is so racially and culturally diverse that it is actually a little suspicious. They go around and kill people and blow things up. There are weak twists here and there that are ridiculous, crazy, incredibly unrealistic events occur, and by the end of the game, you are left with a decision that carries no weight because none of the characters matter.

    But while I thought the story was atrocious, Battlefield 4’s single player gameplay can actually be pretty fun at times. The gameplay is far less restricting than it was in Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 allows for a lot more creativity when it comes to tackling the various objectives in the levels and killing wave after wave of enemies.

    Of course, no one is buying this game for the single player. DICE is at their best when they are creating massive, multi-layered multiplayer experiences, and that is exactly what they’re doing with Battlefield 4. The multiplayer in the game is certainly not perfect, but it’s probably the best multiplayer that you can find on the next-gen consoles right now.

    Battlefield 4 shares a lot in common with Battlefield 3. They are aesthetically very similar. They both use a class-based system that is probably not really all that necessary. And they both feature large scale warfare that blends on-foot running and gunning and high octane vehicle action, made complete with fully destructible environments.

    I wasn’t crazy about many of the maps, and some of the matches go on for far too long to still be fun. However, the game definitely has its ups. For the first time in the history of consoles, Battlefield 4 raises the player count to 64, which is what it is supposed to be, and the results are stunning. Seeing dozens of opposing players all charge at the same time will leave you dumbfounded.

    Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 version of the game only supports up to 32 players. Furthermore, whereas the multiplayer in Battlefield 4 is gorgeous, with realistic water effects, a lot of detail into everything in the environment, fantastic lighting, and more, the 360 version looks significantly worse than Battlefield 3 did. The textures are muddy and downright ugly. Graphical glitches abound, and it is just a lazy effort. Those wanting the true Battlefield 4 experience are going to have to get it on PC or either the PS4 or Xbox One.

    One problem I have with multiplayer is the lack of split-screen support. If EA and DICE truly want to compete with Call of Duty (and they do), then split-screen support needs to be added. Split-screen online in Battlefield 4 would be fantastic, but I would settle for split-screen offline play as well, maybe with bots or something. The fact that this element to multiplayer is constantly being neglected by them is a major bummer to me and I hope that in the future, we can see a much better multiplayer experience with more options from Battlefield.

    Battlefield 4 is not a huge upgrade from Battlefield 3. There are still issues persisting in the series that holds it back from reaching the heights it should, but hopefully DICE will be able to bring us a truly amazing experience down the line when they are able to take full advantage of the next-gen hardware. As it stands, Battlefield 4 is an acceptable shooter that was almost an exceptional one.

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