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Missed Opportunity

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    Rating: 3.0 – Fair

    Missed Opportunity

    Destiny was a game with much hype around it. With a big name developer Bungie behind it expectations were high. Destiny has many great things going for it. The gameplay mechanics are smooth and feel great. Shooting feels fantastic and you can feel the Halo feel to the gameplay style. Too bad the game feels like a chore and is barebones.

    Bungie is known to create great universes with good story telling, whereas Destiny has no story and the world feels empty. Nothing is explained from the beginning. A flying robot eye revives you from being dead for some period of time and it becomes repeat the same story missions over and over until the end. The game has 4 planets with only 1 location each to explore. Each has a handful of story missions that are pretty identical from beginning to end. Go from point A to B let the robot scan something while you kill waves of enemies.

    The story feels like elements were cut out as the story is extremely disjointed. Characters appear once or twice, never explained who they are and what they are doing, and then they disappear. It is never explained of why you are doing what you are doing outside of you must fight the darkness.

    Late game becomes about finding gear with the Light stat. This stat will allow players to move past level 20 and begin doing late game Strikes and the Raids. At this point though the Strikes are the same 5 that you will already be doing throughout the game and there is only 1 Raid that does not have match making making being able to play it when friends are not on near impossible. The Strikes become repetitive and the gear obtained from it is not worth the trouble as most of the time you will not get any reward for playing them.

    PVP was not enjoyable for me. Everything about it their predecessor franchise and other do better. Not to mention some of the weapons are extremely OP’ed. You carry your gear from SP into PVP where it averages stats, but some weapons are obviously better balanced over others. The maps are limited and so are the gametypes.

    In the end it feels like Destiny had much of its content ripped from it and what was left over was stitched together. Previews showed variation between species and story elements that do not exist, and the gear does not have any variation. Guns will look identical from what you get from lvl 1 to Legendaries, only exotics have a unique look but everything about it feels the same.

    Destiny is trying to be an MMO without a fraction of the content and features MMOs have. Social interaction is extremely limited where you cannot even trade with friends, no social communication in-game, money becomes useless and ships are nothing but for a load screen, and not enough variety in missions and end game content to keep players coming back. For a game that wants to be a shooter and MMO there is many other options that do everything Destiny does but better.

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