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Minecraft clone

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    Portal Knights

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    Minecraft clone

    As far as video games go, Minecraft is undoubtedly a milestone title. Minecraft went on to inspire a large number of other video games, and it continues to remain one of the most popular titles available. We still see Minecraft clones released every now and then, with one of the more recent examples being Portal Knights. As far as Minecraft clones, Portal Knights is far from the worst, but it’s also not all that compelling on its own.

    Portal Knights plays almost exactly like Minecraft, but with superior graphics. The blocks and game world in general look a lot better than Mojang’s offering. The general design looks almost identical to what Minecraft offers, though, so the game being a clone is apparent right off the bat. Once you realize that this is just a lesser version of Minecraft, you have to wonder why you are bothering to play it when you could just go back and play Minecraft instead.

    At any rate, Portal Knights manages to do some things to set itself apart from Minecraft. There is a portal mechanic that allows players to travel to different areas. This is really the main thing that separates Portal Knights from Minecraft, and it’s not enough to carry the game on its own.

    Besides the portal mechanic, Portal Knights also does some other things that Minecraft fails to do, like give players clear objectives. The objectives basically walk players through regular tasks that they would complete in Minecraft, but the direction is nice. Since players always have a goal to achieve, it keeps things moving forward, and players have to rely less on their imagination to keep the game interesting.

    At this point in the review, some may be wondering why I gave Portal Knights such a low score. I have basically painted it as a Minecraft clone that does some things worse and some things better, but the game’s main problems come from its technical issues. One of the most annoying problems with Portal Knights is only apparent when playing the game in split-screen. When playing Portal Knights in split-screen co-op, the text becomes extremely small and difficult to read. I also couldn’t find a way to switch the split-screen to horizontal, which would have been preferable and may have even helped the small text issue.

    Portal Knights also has really long load times and a tendency to freeze while loading. This can be frustrating during longer play sessions and shows that while the game looks better than Minecraft, it is also less reliable.

    Portal Knights is a Minecraft clone that does some things better and some things worse than the game that inspired it. Its technical issues are what really hold it back, though, and because of those problems and its lack of innovation, very few people will remember Portal Knights ever existed.

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