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Metal Gear Aloy: Zero Dawn

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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Rating: 4.0 – Great

    Metal Gear Aloy: Zero Dawn

    Dear players of Horizon: Zero Dawn greetings :

    Introduction: NO: This is not a MGS new brand series/Spinoff. YES: Mr. Hideo Kojima is involved as Advisor ( You can see his name in the Credits )

    From a small game company less than 200 employees based in Netherland, used to known only for his FPS Killzone franchise has deliver us a marvellous ARPG that sell 2.6 million copy in the first print overseas amazing us all, what make Horizon: Zero Dawn "THAT" special? lets find out together in this journey to the Nora sacred land…

    Gameplay: What exactly is an ARPG? well, Action role-playing video games ( abbreviated action RPG or ARPG ) is a loosely-defined subgenre of role-playing video games which emphasize real-time combat whereby the player has direct control over characters, instead of turn-based or menu-based combat. In simple world, Rolling, Dodging, Running, Hiding are " Essential " for this game, NOT " Crucial " ( there is not difficulty trophies to earn for this game, so play the mode that make you comfortable ) It is frustrating for First time if the player never play this kind of game before, but giving it time/chance, one can manage to survive, even beat final boss at ease. Like this reviewer’s title stated: with Mr. Kojima involved, If one saw/play any MGS franchise game, should loved it. Also, remind me to Star War : Knight Of The Old Republic. Fun? 99.47% Yes. There are four difficulty modes: Easy/Normal/Hard/Very Hard. Not be " Shun " to play on Easy mode, if we have a normal lives with work/class/families to take care of, leaving us only 1~2 hours- per day gameplay time, go for Easy mode. Be this my first family console – PS2~PS4 pro – in 12 years, it is unfriendly to find the " SELECT " button of Dual-Shock 4 controller re-designed, but small problem compare to others.

    Story: According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Alloy: Word first used in 1625 to define the state of union of the components; a compound, mixture, or union of different things. In this case our protagonist Aloy ( homonym ) is a dutch version of Pride and Prejudice – british novel author Jane Austen’s 1813 work – mixed in the world of superficial ( Nora world view ) & Essential ( Outcast view ) The very confrontation of our heroine & his tribe from each angle, the teaching of her belove adoptive father about compassion & selflessness leading her a long travel across several cultures/countries learning HOW to find the way to put end this confrict & finally bring the balance to the world. Remember us as one society, lifes does matters, coexistence/tolerance make us human, as a quote from the game : "YOU may not NEED the tribe, does not mean the tribe not NEED YOU"
    Points : 4.5/5

    Graphics/Sound: The Bigest Surprise of this game, due to the first incursion of Guerrilla Game to 3D-RPG world, It is beutifully stunning, but also the Mayor problem of this game, before the Patch 1.12, the game is very unstable, crushing over & over, some enemies/backrounds behaves strangely bad, Sony heard our voices releasing Firmware update version 4.55 to fix compatibility issues, with patch 1.13, we can say it is playable, for now.
    Points: 3/5

    Play Time/Replayability: 80+ hours for sure, to complete the story mode some gamer from Youtube did it in 4 hours- but this game is worth more than that, all the Main/Side quests are so well narrated beyond our expectations, definitely a worth buy/Re-playable Title, unless one already have his pocket list/budget of his own.
    Points: 4/5

    Final Recommendation: One of the Golden Joystick game for 2017, that said it all, buy it/rent it is up to everyone, a gift for a relatives/friends who has PS4, Yes
    Total Points: 3.8

    God Bless you

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