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Mega Man goes from 16 bit to 32 bit to 8-bit all in one package.

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    Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    Mega Man goes from 16 bit to 32 bit to 8-bit all in one package.

    Mega Man Legacy Collection was a popular collection of the 6 NES Mega Man games packaged together (again) with some added bells and whistles to freshen them up. It did well enough that Capcom went ahead and combined the other 4 Classic Mega Man games which leads us into our subject of the day: Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

    This collection combines Mega Man 7 for the SNES, Mega Man 8 for PS1, and Mega Man 9 and 10 which were downloadable for all 7th gen systems and PC. This marks the first time 9 and 10 have been re-released and the second time for 7 and 8 as they were released as part of the MM Anniversary Collection in 2004. All the games play just as they did on their respective consoles so you don’t have to worry about lag, framerate drops, bugs,etc.

    While the four games themselves are worth playing, Capcom added some challenges to add more replayability to the game. There are time challenges, boss runs, and other challenges for you to run through to see if you are a Mega Man master. A neat addition is the ability to watch other players replays and learn how they achieved such high scores on the leaderboards, this is useful if you are having trouble with the challenges. There is also an extra armor mode that boosts defenses on characters in case the games are too tough for you…..optional of course. Capcom also has a music test for you to enjoy all the music from the four games. There is also a concept art collection for you to browse through the works of all four games. Finally there is a save state system that will allow to pick up where you left off at checkpoint locations, though if you make a save state, your entire progress carries. While that means you can keep all your screws and powerups, if you saved while damaged, you restart with the same amount of health you saved with so beware.

    As for the games themselves: Mega Man 7 is the often forgotten SNES entry which had the misfortune of releasing near Mega Man X, which confused gamers as Capcom chose to keep the classic series going while creating a new series in the X games. MM7 is probably most underrated entry in the classic series, and its a wonderful game. Some gamers complained that Mega Man was too big sprite wise but the game plays just fine. It also has probably the hardest final boss of the classic series. Random favorite MMs themes from this game are Burst Man, Cloud Man, Slash Man, Turbo Man, Wily Stage 1,3 and Final Boss.

    Mega Man 8 is the odd one in this collection as they removed staples like rush jet, e-tanks,etc. As a result this game is the toughest but only due to some strange design choices. It still has that hilarious awful English voice over work in the cutscenes as well. It’s not a bad game but its the weak link in this collection for sure. Its not the worst game in the classic series but its a mid-level entry at best. There is some great music and this is the best looking game of the collection as it was a 32-bit game. Even though its the weakest game here, it has a charm to it that always makes want to play it even after all these years. Random favorite MMs themes from this game are stage select, Grenade Man, Aqua Man and Sword Man.

    Mega Man 9 was the much hyped return to the classic 8 bit style of the first six games. Even though stables like the charge shot and sliding were removed to make it more like Mega Man 2, MM9 was a smashing success. It is easily the hardest game since Mega Man 1(not counting the poorly designed Mega Man and Bass), Wilys Tower is really tough with tight jumps, magma columns, and other obstacles getting in your way. Even though its hard, its not due to poor design, and failing feels like your fault. The ProtoMan DLC is included and if you want a challenge play his game. He has the slide and charge shot but takes double damage and will be shredded by bosses if you are not careful. MM9 is really good and worth playing for sure. Random favorite MM themes from this game are Hornet Man, Jewel Man, Tornado Man, and final boss.

    Mega Man 10 is more of the same as MM9 though it now has Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass as playable characters. Bass can dash, use Treble and shoot in 8 directions. MM10 is much easier than MM9 ( not to mention it has an actual easy mode) but its still a fun little game. You get a ton on content from this game definitely the most out of the four games. Not to mention, all the DLC for MM10 is included like Bass, extra stages with exclusive bosses etc. Random favorite MM themes from this game are Pump Man, Strike Man, Sheep Man and Solar Man. MM10 is often overlooked due to MM9, but it is a fantastic game, and it maybe the best game in this collection. It certainly has the most content.

    The one possible weakpoint of the collection is the lack of Mega Man and Bass but that maybe for the best as the game is the weakest game in the classic series with bad enemy placement, Mega Man 8’s weak methods of recovering health, and really bad level design. While it may not be a complete collection seeing as Mega Man and Bass is part of the series, the collection is better off without it in my opinion. Another reason I choose to dismiss MM&B is that only the GBA version got a US release, and it was plagued by screen crunch which made the game even more frustrating. Since Capcom never released the SNES to the west, one would figure they would just use the GBA version to save money. Its all meaningless talk though as MM&B is not here period. Another thing, you need to put a code into MM9 and 10 to unlock the DLC but youll only have to do it once thankfully. One other thing, in MM7 and 8 the sliding can be annoying if you use the analog stick. Sometimes you will slide instead of run and that can cost you especially during challenges, so its best you stick to the d-pad just to be safe.

    Overall: If you love Mega Man games you will have a blast with this collection. While it doesn’t stack up to the value you get out of the Anniversary Collection, the addition of MM9 and MM10 alone are worth the purchase. Good luck Mega Man fans, you got a new challenge ahead of you.

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