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Mafia 3: Faster Baby! DLC Review

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    Mafia III: Faster, Baby!

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    Mafia 3: Faster Baby! DLC Review

    Faster Baby has a strong start to it and offers some fun, however the fun doesn’t last too long.

    Faster Baby introduces a new town called Sinclair Parish, a typical southern country town. It’s a good looking town and is of good size too. The town has an emphasis on driving as the update that released with it (Free for everyone) allowed players to throw grenades whilst driving, slow time whilst driving and do some stylish jumps. The new map allows all of these features to be used well and also has traps that can be activated whilst driving such as log piles that can be shot over.

    The story is decent too. After a civil rights activist is murdered by a racist cop, ‘The Voice’ from the main game sends you and his daughter ‘Roxie’ to sort everything out (No spoilers). The first hour is thrilling and engaging, with the villain to be quite entertaining. Some missions are very fun and adrenaline pumping, but it ends soon. The whole story lasted about an hour and a half, and the last half an hour felt tacked on and unnecessary.

    After the story, there’s really nothing to do. You can grow weed now however it’s boring, unrewarding and sends you to places in the original map. Furthermore, the places you go to are only sites of about 4 enemies, making the weed growing pointless. The new dlc offers no side missions to do which really surprised me and is its ultimate downfall. All in all, I spent about 1 hour 45 minutes with the dlc. For a guy like me who likes missions and not as much messing around, this was disappointing. Whilst the dlc also offers two new guns and two new cars, they don’t feel too different in my opinion however they could be entertaining for some people.

    Overall, the dlc was a very short burst of fun. Considering its £12 and only offers 1 hour 45 minutes of gameplay, with only 1 hour being good, this isn’t worth it for me. When you compare it to a dlc like Blood and Wine which offered 20+ fun hours for only £3 more, this isn’t worth it at all. I hope the next two DLCs can make up for this, otherwise the season pass is a waste of money. I hope this review helped any of you.

    I don’t recommend it unless it drops to about £5.

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