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Looking to live in the Naruto world? Keep looking.

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    Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    Looking to live in the Naruto world? Keep looking.

    I’d kept up with the Naruto manga but never started Boruto, so when I saw that I could live in the Naruto world I figured it would be fun the promise of being the main character was interesting and working among a squad of other players (Friends better than randoms but whatever.) was a seller among with the role system in place interested me too. Finally a remade combat system helped sell me as the Ninja Storm had a lot of cheap ways to ruin the gameplay in PVP all this in mind It sounded good. I really wish I had played the beta however to help me dodge buying this.

    Graphics: 6/10 This being based off an anime as it is the graphics are Anime-esque which for me is fine. The colors are nice and the movements are rather solid, the typical "Naruto run" looks nice and the movements of Taijutsu and weapon swings are rather graceful but the NPC’s are creepy bad. By this I mean, I’ve seen the animation of the series of Naruto, not much of Boruto but let me tell you the NPCs like Tenten and Sakura seem like they are staring into your soul and have no facial expression at all. Same goes for avatars (See gameplay) while there’s little issues with clipping or graphic glitches this alone in constantly having to use the Inn and Tool shop is enough to drop the graphics, add that to the rather poor enviorments and we have the 6/10.

    Gameplay: 5/10This could have been done so much better. So as stated above you are the main character. You can take on PVE challages (Mission) with others in some more memorible battles (Such as Kakashi’s bell challange round two with Naruto and Sakura) or fight off other NPC ninja’s with Shikamaru and Choji (These are of course merely examples) but the game wanted you to focus on PVP (I’ll get to this soon) which in itself was a mistake. Players begin the game by making their avatar choosing where they originate from (Leaf, Sand, Mist, Stone, Cloud village.) Which really only determines your starting outfit and a preset avatar. Of course you are given a good amount of custimazation items but, again as I said with the graphics it’s hard to make a good face. (Perhaps this is just my experence with it however.) Players are then shown around the overly small leaf village and various facilities. The Inn, The shop, the VR facility (Yes they now have Virtual reality in Naruto) and of course the Hokage’s estate which is where the PVP happens.

    As stated players are able to choose their roles these go from Attack, Defense, Ranged, and Healer. Different roles can equip different weapons and use different Jutsu’s for example an attack type can use a teleportation jutsu to close in on an enemy or summon a great snake to act as a stationary knock back. Where as a ranged type can use the Fire style Phoenix flower Jutsu and Inferno style flame control you’ll also get secret techniques which are more or less ultimate Jutsus and after some tutorial players can even choose a mentor such as Naruto, Saskue, Sakura, Yamato and even Boruto. Players can also choose to play as "Champions" Which are Naruto and others respectively upon being unlocked. Jutsu’s are learned mainly through this mentor system. Defense ninja are great for crowd control and healers can paralyze enemies as well as of course heal teamates

    Be it PVP or PVE players will gain money, scrolls (Loot boxes more or less) and potentially special gear (Depending on the mission/PVP event) They will also gain EXP and mentor EXP I have yet to see much of a difference with EXP but Mentor EXP gets you titles, unique gear, and jutsu (Such as the Rasangan from Naruto)

    PVE is done through the VR arena so yes you are not "Living" these events it’s only VR (Which kinda kills it in itself) This all takes place with Naruto being the Hokage, Sakura married to Saskue and all that jazz. But you’re reliving battles or training more or less. The game does teach you good ways to travel such as a "Chakra jump" (Super high and far jump) a wire kunai (Grappling hook sorta for getting across things) Running up and on walls and such guarding, dodging, attacking all this is taught but there’s a problem, each weapon has it’s own moveset as an attack ninja you start bare handed those who know the Naruto world know that fist fighting is powerful in itself. But even just by equiping knuckle knives like Azuma had your moveset is greatly changed and thus without a way to pratice this you are thown into battle without knowing your own moves which for a fighting-ish game is bad enough. Jutsu have their cooldown times but the worst part is the "MMO problem gear" If you’ve played an MMORPG you know of what I speak.
    Yes your clothing also has buffs on it. For example the leaf village pants give more max health Sakura’s top (even the color matters here) gives a buff to all jutsus damage so chances are you’ll be favoring buffs over looks…or the other way around.

    PVP: Much like PVE PVP is four on four players fighting, they have a capture the flag mode, base capture, (holding various points as your score builds up) and of course duking it out four on four most KOs wins. Remember when I said I didn’t see much difference with EXP levels here’s what I mean. I was a level 7 and I was able to defeat players who were level 45 and even 65 with the same ease as they did me. even with starter gear compared to theirs I was still able to win in a fight. The gear hardly helps at all (Maybe fashion is better.) Thankfully you cannot spam jutsu’s as they have a cooldown time (Although you can hold the button to speed it up) and the subsitution can only be used once (Before cooldown) Ninja tools like Kunai also have a cooldown too. Still I found combat to be rather poorly executed and it wasn’t very fun when you’re ore often waiting for a 15 second respawn timer in both PVP and PVE able to be defeated rather easily too.

    I confess I am greatful that the tactics of Storm are obsolete but this new system is even worse and of course no one does teamwork it’s hard enough to get four people together for a mission let alone joining randoms often gets you kicked for your level. And with the idea of a role system lost on many players it’s rather sad. Hell the lobby even has messages "I play an attack type" or something as well as "Just one more for me" and "See you later" "Lets farm this mission a lot" things like that but I’ve NEVER seen anyone use it.

    As for "Being the main character" There’s really no point because there’s no story. You’re in the leaf to compete in the ninja world league and become "The Ultimate ninja" seriously that’s it. So that gets thrown out the window eh? Honestly this is bad.

    Story: 0/10 Again there isn’t one. "Here to become the best" that’s it.

    Sound: 3/10 I haven’t heard anything I recognize in terms of music it’s not exciting or fitting really for an "Epic battle" and the voice acting isn’t at all the same as the anime, it face some of them (Naruto for example) sound almost emotionless or like they don’t care about anything (Fitting for the quality of the gameplay) It’s just sad honestly.

    All in all I say the game is playable but it’s for die hard Naruto fans only. If you’re not a Naruto nerd and don’t have a love for the series don’t get this. At all. Not even if on sale in my opinion. It’s a playable game but I sure didn’t enjoy it (And I am a casual fan by the way)

    Overall: 2.5/5
    It’s playable but I wouldn’t call it fun when it gets old in about half an hour and you NEED to be grinding it. I’d pick Destiny 2 grinding over this.

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