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Lip service Ys.

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    Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    Lip service Ys.

    The only aspect this game really nails as far as the Ys formula goes is the music. The combat is more like Dynasty Warriors and the deeper crafting aspect kind of bungles things.

    What’s also interesting is the game can’t maintain a constant 60fps, not even on my PS4 Pro, which is extremely disheartening when it’s clear this version is nothing but a dump of the PSVita release with a resolution bump. It isn’t that demanding, they just did a bad job optimizing it (if they did any effort at all beyond dumping it on PS4 and letting its hardware brute force the Vita engine to meet – not maintain – their framerate goal).

    There’s a decent amount of noise being made about the translation. I don’t see the issue with most of it, there are some incorrect item descriptions but that isn’t poor localization so much as it is just pure ineptitude when it comes to labeling. People are complaining about things like "My name is Alison, please just call me Alison" like it’s the worst thing they’ve ever read in what’s essentially an imported JRPG with a translation slapped on. Castlevania 2 is bad localization. This is that humorous Engrish that comes from adequate translations and to me is part of the charm of these games. Making it perfect English is going to ruin even more of the charm of Ys, I don’t know why people are picking a bone over this when 1) the story sucks anyway (the shoebill is the best character in the game) and 2) the technical issues are genuine issues. The intent with the translation here was clearly "Ys Meets Kung Pow".

    There is also some enemy scaling involved – as you get stronger, enemies do more damage as well, to a certain point. Just like Oblivion. Enemies still maintain that traditional Ys format of giving less XP as your level gap grows, so despite becoming more threatening (again to a point) as you level, enemies give you less and less for exterminating them. If this combination isn’t a cardinal sin in RPGs, I don’t know what is.

    Giving it a 7 regardless because the generally outstanding soundtrack and gameplay is enjoyable enough anyway. It’s no Oath and while some of the pieces of a Ys experience are still here, it certainly doesn’t feel like Ys anymore, which has been the case for me ever since they adapted a party system.

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