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Like wrestling today, it isn’t as good as it used to be.

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    WWE 2K16

    Rating: 2.5 – Playable

    Like wrestling today, it isn’t as good as it used to be.

    It has been a long time since I played a wrestling game, but have fond memories of great wrestling games like Royal Rumble on the Super Nintendo or No Mercy on the Nintendo 64. Those were the good old days, when wrestling was such an enjoyable experience. In any case, I decided to get WWE 2K16 and see how much things have changed over the years. To my dismay, the fond memories of fun gaming sessions are now long gone. WWE 2K16 is a fraction of the fun I experienced growing up.

    WWE 2K16 features a lot of wrestlers, with most of the recent ones that I do not recognize. With that said, the amount of options is certainly impressive. While the roster size is certainly impressive, with some greats like Sting, once you take control of the wrestlers the game play leaves a bit to be desired. I felt the wrestling mechanics were slow. Another thing that I did not like was the reversal system, which felt overly complicated and took away from the fun I remembered in the good old days.

    Additionally for someone looking to get back into wrestling games, the career mode felt overly brutal and did not ease you into it. As a result, the game felt frustrating, as it felt like the computer early on would reverse everything you did. Just playing simple matches however did have some redeeming factor, as it was still quite a rush to do a stone cold stunner on someone. With that said, with career mode being a disappointment It is hard to endorse this game fully.

    The create character for the most part felt comprehensive and provided plenty of options, even at times feeling a bit overwhelming. The sound department for this game felt solid. It was the graphics however that felt unimpressive. Character models did not look too good, even though some of the animation for the moves looked solid. While the game’s graphics are in no way ugly, it is not representative of the system’s capabilities.

    I am sure WWE 2K16 will appease hardcore wrestling fans, but for someone who used to love wrestling that thought it would be fun to reminisce about wrestling games again, this game left a lot to be desired. The experience as a whole felt overly frustrating, with very little redeeming factor. If you are a big wrestling fan, then this might be worth it. For everyone else, I’d recommend a rental first.

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