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Lets do the Odyssey!

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    Super Mario Odyssey

    Rating: 5.0 – Flawless

    Lets do the Odyssey!

    Words cannot describe how excited I have been for this game. Ever since it was revealed back in January, I have waited for it to finally be released, with each trailer getting me more and more excited. Now, after the long seven month wait, I am happy to say Odyssey completely lived up to the hype.

    Without a doubt the most important part of a game, Odyssey has some amazing gameplay. The game is designed similar to old "collecathon" games most popular back during the N64 days. Throughout the 10+ worlds are "moons", collectable objects that let you go to new worlds and continue the story. Some moons are found throughout the world, usually requiring a challenge to be done before unlocking them, and others are found through quests, like defeating a boss or helping a character. One of my favorite parts of the game is the 2d murals. Throughout the land you can find 8-bit pipes to enter, when you go inside them you end up inside the wall, and are now playing a 2d platformer! These are a really creative way to allow you to climb up towers and traverse the land. However, by far the biggest gameplay feature is Cappy. Cappy is a little ghost who lives in your hat. You can throw your hat to create a temporary platform or kill small enemies. However the coolest thing about Cappy is the "Cap-ture" mechanic. By throwing Cappy at certain enemies, you can cap-ture them and traverse the world as them. Can’t reach that moon on a pillar? No problem! Just find a Bullet Bill and fly over to it! Can’t reach that moon in the sky? Capture a Goomba and make a stack of Goombas to reach it! Another thing to note is the mini challenges across the world, such as a race with Koopas across one map, or a jump rope challenge. All of these have online leaderboards and have moons as rewards for doing certain things like getting 1st place in the Koopa race. Another thing I liked is how good the game could be for speedrunning. Creating platforms with Cappy will definitely be used to make some crazy shortcuts in speedruns. All in all, the gameplay is really good, like all Mario games.

    Even a game with fun gameplay can be ruined by bad controls, and, for the most part, Super Mario Odyssey has great controls, however, there are a few problems with them I found. It felt that even slightly moving the circle pad to the left or right made Mario do a sideflip, which caused me to die a few more times than I would have liked. Another problem I had was with the Jaxi. The default speed is way too fast, causing me to die a lot of times due to being almost impossible to control, and while you can slow him down, the speed loss wears off after a few seconds and can really be a pain having the Jaxi suddenly speed up. The control issues with the Jaxi really show in a hidden obstacle course, in which you must carefully traverse tons of small platforms with a lot of presicion. One of the more annoying things in this game are motion controls, while some in game actions are easier with motion controls, for the most part they are optinal, which is perfect. Its only a little annoying that some moves and moons do require them. Unsurprisingly, the swimming controls are mediocre, which is fairly common for a game. Besides a few issues, the controls are great and feel extremely nice to control.

    The graphics in this game are pretty great. It looks really nice and has some really nice touches that make the game look even better, such as water drops appearing on the screen when you are near a waterfall. One of the kingdoms looks absolutely stunning, but I’m not going to spoil it here. I don’t have much else to say about the graphics, other than that they are great.

    You always know Mario games will have fantastic soundtracks, and this game has one. The main theme, Jump Up Super Star, the first vocal track in Mario history, is really catchy and doesn’t get old, even after the 20th+ time I’ve heard it. The other songs are great, but it is a little disapointing that most of the time there is no music going on. The final boss also has two great themes, with a big surprise I don’t want to ruin here.

    This is easily one of the most creative Mario games. All of the seven+ bosses were amazing, and one of them didn’t look like anything we’ve seen before in a Mario game, which is a fantastic thing in my opinion. A lot of the worlds are really cool and things we have never seen before in a Mario game (A desert world with ice in it and an abondend factory in the middle of a forest? That’s amazing). The 8-bit murals were a really cool idea as well as the cap-tures. It is very hard to argue against that this is the most creative Mario game ever.

    While Mario games were never known for their story, this one at least tries a few new things. Instead of the classic "Bowser kidnapped Peach, save her," the story is now "Bowser kidnapped Peach and wants to marry her, save Peach and stop the wedding." The only problem with the story is the somewhat controversial ending, but I personally don’t have any problems with the ending like some people do. I also found it cool how each of the worlds usually had a little mini story within them, such as the desert world suddenly having ice pillars appear from the ground or the city world having just been attacked by Bowser, causing their power to go out.

    Replay Value
    Let me just say one thing: there are over 700 moons to collect in this game. That’s right, seven. hundred. Besides moons, every kingdom also has 50-100 purple coins to collect. There are also challenges throughout the world with online leaderboards, there’s also tons of hats and outfits to collect, along with stickers and souverniers for your airship, and yeah, you will definitely be coming back to this game for a long, long time.

    Like with story, Mario games were never really known to be that difficult. Usually, Mario games are relatively easy, with a few extremely hard bonus levels at the end. This game works entirely that way. While there may be a few challenges here and there in this game, your hardest challenges will be the two bonus levels at the end, that are basically gauntlet stages in which you must make it to the end without dying.

    Final Thoughts
    Without a doubt one of the best Mario games of all time, I definitely reccomend you picking this up. With over 700 moons to collect and fun and addicting gameplay, I truly believe that in 20 years from now, this game will be thought of as a classic, the same way Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World are thought of as classics today.

    GAMEPLAY: 10/10
    CONTROLS: 8/10
    GRAPHICS: 9/10
    MUSIC: 10/10
    STORY: 6/10
    REPLAY VALUE: 10/10
    CHALLENGE: 5/10

    Rating:   5.0 – Flawless

    Product Release: Super Mario Odyssey (US, 10/27/17)

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