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Kirby Star Allies – Cheats

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    • Dream Mode

      Dream mode lets Kirby have his look from "Kirby’s Adventure to Tilt ‘n Tumble".To unlock it,you have to beat Soul Melter EX.

    • Extra Modes

      Defeat the last boss and watch the credit roll. You do not have to complete any extra stages.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go Beat the game once
      Jukebox Mode Beat "Guest Star ????" with at least one character
      The Ultimate Choice Beat the game once
      The Ultimate Choice (Difficulties 6-7) Beat "Guest Star ????" with at least one character
      The Ultimate Choice (Soul Melter Difficulty) Beat The Ultimate Choice on Level 7 at least once with any lead character.
      Theater Mode Beat the game once
    • Hidden Characters in The Ultimate Choice

      After unlocking The Ultimate Choice mode, clear it on any difficulty. This will allow you to choose King Dedede, Meta Knight, and Bandana Waddle Dee as selectable Allies in future attempts.

    • Hidden Stages in Story Mode

      Fulfill the conditions below to gain access to hidden planets in the Far-Flung Starlight Heroes section of Story Mode

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Ability Planet Clear Story Mode once
      Extra Planet Delta Clear Story Mode once
    • Soul Melter EX in The Ultimate Choice

      This mode is by far the hardest one of the game.To play it,you have to beat Soul Melter and Parallel World Heroes,then input Up-A-Select (-) when highlighting the option Soul Melter in The Ultimate Choice.

    • Unlock Dream Friends in Guest Star ????

      Simply complete Guest Star ???? as any character, and all currently available Dream Friends will then be unlocked for future playthroughs of Guest Star.

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