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Kingdom Hearts III – Cheats

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    • Golden Highwind & Schwarzgeist Gummi ships

      To unlock the Golden Highwind and the Schwarzgeist gummi ships you must beat the Schwarzgeist optional boss located in the Tornado looking vortex in the Misty Stream Galaxy.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Golden Highwind Defeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with any rank
      Schwarzgeist Defeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with any rank
      Ultima/G Defeat the Schwarzgeist optional Gummi Boss Battle with an A-rank
    • Orichalcum+

      There are seven Orichalcum+ throughout Kingdom Hearts 3. They are needed to craft/synthesise the Ultima Keyblade and are different than the regular Orichalcum.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Orichalcum + #1 Found in a chest in The Carribean. Found on Exile Isle.
      Orichalcum + #2 Found in a chest in "The Final World". After completing the "Final World" go back to it and there will be a chest containing the Orichalcum +.
      Orichalcum + #3 Collect 80 of the Lucky Emblems/Hidden Mickeys.
      Orichalcum + #4 Collect all 10 treasures in the Frozen Slider Mini game in Arendelle.
      Orichalcum + #5 Beat the Eclipse Galaxy Boss. To unlock this boss you must defeat the enemies on each side of the cube then it will appear on top of the cube.
      Orichalcum + #6 Beat the high score in all the Flantastic 7 mini games.
      Orichalcum + #7 Collect from the Moogle shop Postcard Raffle, it is a random prize.
    • Secret Ending

      To unlock the secret ending movie you will need to photograph Lucky Emblems scattered throughout the worlds. The amount required varies by the difficulty level you play on.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Beginner Mode Collect 90 Lucky Emblems
      Proud Mode Collect 30 Lucky Emblems
      Standard Mode Collect 60 Lucky Emblems
    • Ultima Keyblade Recipe

      To unlock the Ultima Keyblade recipe you must collect 58 different Synthesis items.

      Unlockable How to Unlock
      Ultima Keyblade Recipe Collect 58 different Synthesis Items.

    Easter Eggs

    • Original Music from Einhander

      Enter the 5-star Schwarzgeist boss battle in Misty Stream with the Endymion gummi ship and its two Codymion small ships. It will play the original "Thermosphere" music from the PS1 game Einhander rather than the arranged version.


    • Two Bonus HP Boosts

      In Final World, after collecting 111 Sora copies, continue collecting copies instead of using the red portal. At 222 copies and 333 copies you will gain substantial, permanent HP boosts, and after 333, you’ll automatically receive a cutscene.

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