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Kids game, waste of money, nothing like the original trilogy

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    Ratchet & Clank

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    Kids game, waste of money, nothing like the original trilogy

    The first trio of ratchet and clank games were my childhood, played and replayed through them countless times. Just picked up a ps4 and this was the first game I wanted to play, after expecting a remake of the first game or at least a retelling, I was sorely disappointed. The references and nods to the original games are cool but that’s about all the fun there is in playing through it.

    The cutscenes aren’t as funny, the relationship between ratchet and clank is dull they just automatically are best buddies as opposed to having to build on the relationship over the course of the game, the story itself is a bit weak too although I get that they were going for a retelling rather than a remake so I can’t complain too much there. It would have been cool if the music was reused too, like the best music snippets from the original trilogy would have been awesomely nostalgic instead of the bland generic space type music they added.

    The gameplay is ok, little things spoil it like not having to rotate the thumb stick to turn the bolt crank anymore, and not being able to collect far away bolts by throwing your wrench at them, levelling and upgrading weapons is fun, but there’s a severe lack of what made the first game special :( like having to save up bolts to go and pay some guy for an infobot to progress to the next planet, or having the freedom to explore more of each planet for platinum bolts and secret areas that you actually had to work hard to find, now it’s basically handed to you in plain sight without and difficulty in finding them, another reason this was so disappointing is the hand holding throughout the game, it’s designed for an toddler, there is no challenge :/

    I don’t understand these 9/10 ratings at all, maybe if you hadn’t played the original games and this is the first ratchet and clank game you’ve ever played then it would make sense. This game is a bland – hand holding linear experience and a very bad homage to what used to be a very special and amazing game. If nothing else it has put me in the mood to dig out my ps2 and white wash all the bad memories of this alternate universe ratchet and clank story and replace it with the golden in – canon one that I grew up with.

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