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Jak II – Cheats

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    • Debug Menu Cheats

      Input the buttons anywhere in the game. The "Limited Debug Mode" code needs to be entered first and the "Full Debug Mode" code entered second. There is a chime after each debug mode is entered. Directions are entered using the directional pad. The left analog stick should be held still while L3 is held down.

      These codes work on all final versions of all releases of this game. Note that for the Vita releases, use the rear touch pad to replace buttons: top-left for L2, bottom-left for L3, top-right for R2, and bottom-right for R3. Those codes requiring a second controller will not work on Vita.

      Effect Code
      1st Code – Limited Debug Mode While holding L3, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, X, X, Square, Circle, Square, Circle
      2nd Code – Full Debug Mode While holding L3, press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, X, X, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down
      Display debug text Controller 2: R3 (hold)
      Enable flying; use L2/R2 to descend/ascend, X to exit Controller 1: L2 + R2 (while on foot)
      Enter free camera mode; enter again to re-enable (respawning Jak in front of the camera and setting a checkpoint) Controller 1: L1 + R1 + L2 + R2
      Frame advance (game goes forward by 1 frame – 1/60 second – and then repauses) Controller 1: R2 (while game is paused)
      Lose / win the minigame respectively Controller 1: L1 / R1 (during minigame)
      Obtain 1000 Skull Gems, 1000 Precursor Orbs, all guns, the Jetboard, some ammo, and a Dark Eco refill Controller 2: L3 + X
      Push the Suit upwards Controller 1: L2 + R2 (while in the Titan Suit)
      Restart the game Controller 1: Hold Up+Left, then press Start
      Restore health Controller 1: R2 (after taking damage)
      Reveal various pause menu options Controller 1: L2 + R1 (hold while paused)
      Slows cutscenes, speeds up cutscenes, and resets cutscene speed (pausing if already at normal speed) Controller 1: L1 / R1 / X (during cutscenes)
      Toggle cutscene debug text Controller 2: L3 + R1 (during cutscene)
      Toggle debug text Controller 2: Triangle, or L3 + Square, or L3 + Circle
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