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Interesting concept, sloppy execution

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    Dead by Daylight

    Rating: 2.0 – Poor

    Interesting concept, sloppy execution

    Asymmetrical multiplayer games seem to be a concept that developers keep investing time into, yet no one has been able to really do it right just yet. Dead by Daylight is another example of an asymmetrical multiplayer game gone wrong.

    Dead by Daylight casts four characters as survivors and one as a ruthless serial killer. The serial killers are original creations made for the game, but are all spooky in their own right. They’re clearly inspired by existing horror movie villains and tropes.

    Obviously the goal of the killers in each match is to find the survivors and kill them. The survivors have to activate generators to escape the map. In Dead by Daylight, the killer is really at a disadvantage, especially since killing the survivors consists of hitting them enough to remove their hit points, then picking them up as they try to crawl away, and then mounting them on one of the meathooks that are spread across the map.

    Matches basically boil down to big games of hide and seek, which is a problem that a lot of asymmetrical multiplayer games seem to struggle with. The concept itself is not super compelling beyond cheap thrills of playing as survivors and running away from the killer. Most matches are just downright boring once this initial appeal wears off, and it wears off rather quickly.

    So while I like the idea behind the game, it’s just boring and not well-designed from a technical standpoint. A lot of the maps are unimaginative and not fun to play on as well, which is problematic since players spend most of their time with the game just aimlessly walking around these maps.

    There is some sense of progression in Dead by Daylight to try to make these matches seem more worth it. Players can unlock new skills for both the survivors and killers, but this design seems to put newer players at a disadvantage when they decide to jump into the game for the first time.

    Unfortunately, there is not much about Dead by Daylight to get excited about. The gameplay is dull, as are the maps and the visuals. The game is drab and dreary, which fits its concept, but it also has a muddy, last-generation look to it. There’s nothing all that compelling about the sound design either.

    As far as replayability goes, the amount of time one will squeeze out of Dead by Daylight depends entirely on how much they like the game. Those that are bored by its asymmetrical multiplayer gameplay are unlikely to want to keep playing it beyond just a handful of matches. There’s not enough content here to really dig into anyway though, so even fans of the game may be yearning for more to play through before too long.

    Dead by Daylight is an interesting concept, but the execution is sloppy. To be perfectly frank, I have yet to play any asymmetrical multiplayer game that was all that fun, and so I am not entirely surprised that I am coming away from Dead by Daylight less than impressed.

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