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If You Like FMV Games and a Mystery, Get It!

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    The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker

    Rating: 3.5 – Good

    If You Like FMV Games and a Mystery, Get It!

    Remember FMV games? They were terrible…poor acting, poor sound, poor video quality, poor story etc etc etc. Well they never really left, just became a lot fewer in number, and never became successful. Now though, with the dawn of powerful new devices in the home and on the move, some great FMV games have come about, slightly thanks to Wales Interactive, who have published this murder mystery and The Bunker and Late Shift.

    This is definitely a thinkers game, not for anyone who only wants to run and gun, as you literally see one viewpoint (bar a couple of extra viewpoints, but still in the office.) which is a sofa. You have replaced a murdered Doctor and now have to find out who killed him. Was it the creepy, grave-digging Bryce, or the Angel of Death, Elin? Don’t worry, no spoilers as each game it could be any of the main characters!

    Graphics : It’s fmv, it’s HD, it’s what it needs to be *shrug* though the lighting is a little annoying (I believe it’s meant to be mood setting?) : 7

    Sound : Well let’s put the acting here as the actors make nearly all the sounds! The acting is actually pretty good. There is the odd bit of wooden-ness, but generally it is of good, but not amazing quality : 8

    Gameplay : You basically ask predetermined questions and get notes automatically taken (you can hear a response again.if you miss something). You can (and should) ask/type questions, but you’ll find quickly the game simply wants certain keywords to unlock a response (it even says so in the help section). The gameplay is fantastic if you like to watch an Agatha Christie mystery movie, and like to try and work out whodunnit. Its definitely for people who like a slower, more cerebral pace in life. Piece together any clues and near the end you can accuse someone. Get it right and it a real buzz! : 8

    Longevity : The murderer can change with a new playthrough, so if you can sit through 95% of the same dialogue, you will have a much longer experience : 6

    Overall : if you’re after a game to wind down an evening, or to get that partner of yours that just wants to watch re-runs of Murder She Wrote and hates games to actually see the intellectual side of gaming, turn off Fortnite, CoD or Battlefield and put this on. Its slow but it will grip you!


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