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I waited years for someone to remake doom. I just wanted to say, thank you!

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    Rating: 4.5 – Outstanding

    I waited years for someone to remake doom. I just wanted to say, thank you!

    I played doom as a kid on my playstation. I was never a pc gamer. I believe it was doom 1 & 2 on one disc with extra levels. I really loved that game, the atmosphere, the music, the gun play, the mayhem, and of course the monsters. Everything was over the top scary, nerve racking and most of all, fun! I always wondered why a publisher never remade Doom properly, well finally someone has taken on the task and to me, they did a great job! Better than I could of asked for. I recommend this game 100%. Let get into it.

    The single player campaign is "DOPE" yes I used the slang term dope from the 80’s lol. It’s that good… There is so much here and it’s made in a way where you can play this game anyway you like. Let me explain. The single player game is offered two ways arcade, and well, campaign (lol). Arcade is just like it sounds, play for high scores with all weapons available. The scoring is done in a way where it’s very exciting to watch, the screen goes crazy as you go for kill streaks, head shots and specific attacks to increase your score, its a total blast.

    There single player campaign is the meat and potatoes of this game. They did put a lot of effort in here. I want to first say that every level has a bunch of secrets to find. One being an original level of doom hidden to discover (fully updated with current character design in the old school level " COOL") on every level of the game. Besides that there are "ruin trials" for upgrades, items to find, keys to search for, weapon, armor upgrades and of course terrifying enemies constantly swarming at you. The levels are designed with precision for maximum gunplayability (is that a word). I love the map system, you can use 3D or 2D and it definitely helps. The enemies are all your old favorites updated, beefed up and on you, like stink on something smelly…lol. You get plenty of guns at your disposal most have secondary functions and can be upgraded. The weapons are so much fun to use, blasting enemies feels amazing, you must use skill, knowledge and know your enemies weaknesses or your a goner. Glory kills are new, I wont give to much away here, but cracking skulls never gets old…

    The levels are deigned like this, you get to a new area kill everything, then get some breathing time to explore, complete tasks and even do some platforming. Some people say the game is simple, but thats not true. Its a complex game, if you play it that way. It can also be a mindless shooter just ripping through enemies like in arcade mode… If this was the whole game it would satisfying, but thats only the first half of the title. There are two more modes.

    Multiplayer to me is tons of fun, they have team death match and the standard fare but they did add a few other modes in too. I like bots are included to play with, its old school multiplayer and I enjoy the heck out of it. You can upgrade your characters look as well as other attributes. Not much more to say about this mode, it’s definitely worth playing and can be a blast is your into multiplayer.

    Snap map, whats this? I can make my own maps? Big deal? Well it is a big deal, in this game. I was shocked how versatile this mode is and how well it works. I played countless multiplayer matches on custom themed games (not all shooters) that the community designed. I can make my own games up too and there so easy to do! A tool like this can keep a game alive for years. You can make almost anything up you want here and its again done great. Its so user friendly. You can make single player, multiplayer, co-op whatever, you can make it in snap map. If making your own levels sounds boring or to difficult to you, you never have to, there are a ton already made up for you to use and their all rated right there in snap map. What can I say, jeez louise, easy peezy.

    Doom is an amazing package for both people who love nostalgia or just want a great shooter. Indeed old school doomers will appreciate the nods to the past while new players will marvel at the nonstop action , go doom go!

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